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World Nomads travel insurance

World Nomads travel insurance offers low cost travel insurance in a growing number of countries (over 44 at last count) and partner with Mondial Assistance to provide genuine 24/7 emergency assistance to travellers. World Nomads also has a handy online claims and extensions system which allows you to extend your policy from anywhere in the world while you are still travelling and is underwritten by Allianz.

Call it Nomad Travel Insurance, if you want, it's the best deal for budget travelers and it is easy to buy and easy to get paid in case of an accident.


Low Cost Travel Insurance

In terms of online travel insurance, World Nomads offers some of the best value travel insurance (and lowest cost) in the market. The low costs of the insurance are a reflection of the low costs of doing business on the internet. The policies have also been design with long-term backpackers and young adventurers in mind.

World Nomads travel insurance. More than you expect.

Worldwide Cover - With longer-terms travellers and young backpackers in mind, World Nomads have been able to develop policies around this group of people with their specific requirements taking prominence. Instead of cover for delays and missed transport connections, which most experienced Nomads can take in their stride, World Nomads includes cover for adventurous activities like SCUBA diving and snow skiing. Of course, the fact that you might be off the beaten track is no problem either because all claims and extensions can be made online.

Cover Your Adventure - Nomads travel insurance will cover you whether you are seeing the cafes of Paris or braving the steppes of Mongolia. With cover for every country in the world you can rest easy. World Nomads also covers a raft of different adventure activities like bungee jumping and rafting. Their Adventure Guide will let you know if what you want to do is covered.

Extend and Claim Online - That means even while you are still away! Everyone likes to be able to change their plans. Now, (unlike a lot of other travel insurance companies), World Nomads lets you extend your existing policy or purchase another one even after you have left home on your trip. You can also make a claim from the road without having to return home first by using the online claims facility. You are then even able to keep in contact with the claims department 24/7 until your claim is settled.

iPods, Computers and Digital Cameras - World Nomads travel insurance usually allows a $250 per item limit on personal belongings, but if you are taking gear like iPods and Cameras, then you are able to specify an amount up to AUD$1000 per item with a limit of AUD$3000 in total.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance 24/7 - Nomads Travel Insurance has partnered with Mondial Assistance, the largest traveller's assistance service in the world. This means if you get into trouble, you can call them in any one of 35 office call centers in 28 countries. Great for your peace of mind.

Underwritten by Allianz - World Nomads Travel Insurance is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (ABN52097227177. AFS Licence No.245631).


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For sales enquires from Australia call 1300 787 375 or +612 8263 0400 internationally.

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