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Volunteers in Tanzania - photo courtesy of Amizade
Habla Ingles? English Language Immersion in Spain

Volunteering in Nigeria

Volunteering in Honduras

Working with Elephants in Sri Lanka

The Other Sundance Festival, in Baja California.

Finding a Job Teaching English in Paris

Beans, Bananas and Bills: Learning and Living in Tanzania

Amigos in Oaxaca: A life changing experience

Learning Spanish on the Go in the Mexican Caribbean

Teaching English in China -An young British Woman's experience

A Guide to Studying Abroad

Learning Italian and Enjoying Ascoli Italy

Worldwide Language Schools Directory

Living in Rome--How you can Do it Too!

Teach English in Valencia, Spain

Worldwide Directory of Overseas Teaching Jobs

Teach English in Japan

Volunteering in Ghana

The Save the Earth Network

Goa on Foot: A Trek to Remember

"Voluntouring" - Doing Something More With Your Vacation

Teaching English in Korea

Sea kayaking in British Columbia - photo by Beth D'Addono
Sea kayaking in British Columbia - photo by Beth

Sea Kayaking in British Columbia--the Search for the Elusive Orcas

Teflboard: An Easy Way to Start Teaching English Abroad

Tom Brown Teaches Tracking in the Wilds of New Jersey

Wwoofing on the Farm: Volunteer Farmstays in Australia

Under the Volcanoes: Learning Spanish in Guatemala

Global Good: Volunteering Your Way Through Asia

Monastic Interlude: A Monastery Retreat in Nepal

Remotely Connected: Volunteering In Kenya Brings You Closer to Home

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Top alternative travel picks in Europe

Top alternative travel picks in Africa

Top alternative travel picks in Central America

Top alternative travel picks in Southeast Asia

Top alternative travel picks on Islands Around the Globe

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Teaching English Overseas

Pilgrimage Travel

Funding a Volunteer Vacation

Relief Volunteering

Short-term Work Abroad

Language Learning Overseas

Finding and Choosing an Alternative Travel Program

Finding and Choosing a Volunteer Vacation Program

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