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Camping with the bedouins in Jordan - photo by Kent St. John
Camping with the bedouins in Jordan - photo by Kent
St. John

At GoNOMAD, we know there's more to travel than sightseeing

To really get close to the people and places you visit, you have to get involved. Take a language or cooking course, volunteer with children or community development, study Tibetan Buddhism or participate in an archaeological dig, teach English or work on a farm for a few days, weeks, or months. No matter your age or interest, there's an alternative travel opportunity for you at GoNOMAD.




Ayurvedic Treatment in Sri Lanka: A Week of Bliss

Volunteering in Zambia: 'This is the Growing'

Caring for the Rejected: Helping People with HIV/AIDS in Thailand

Building a House in Guatemala: The Gift of a Home

Naked in Vermont: A Visit to a Clothing-Optional Resort

People Helping People in Afghanistan: Marigold's Humanitarian Work

Sacred Trees of Maharashtra: Mumbai's Green Ambassadors

Poland: An Unlikely Volunteering Destination

The Flying Fish Eco-Village: An Unknown Paradise in Western Fiji

Climbing Mount Takao: A Delightful Escape from Tokyo

Learning Spanish on a Cultural Tour of Lima, Peru

Eco-Hotel in Crete is a Tranquil Haven for Relaxation

Weaving the Silk of the Sea: Preserving an Ancient Art in Sardinia

Mednoye, Russia: Agritourism Gains Momentum

Asaafa, Ghana: Take a Vacation, Make a Difference

Tracing Family Roots Back to the Isle of Man

Alternative Energy in Iceland: Breaking Petroleum's Grip on Our World

Dead goat polo players in Kyrgyzstan. Photo by Sophie Ibbotson.
Dead goat polo players in Kyrgyzstan

The Top Ten Volunteer Wildlife Conservation Programs in the US

Grown-up fun at Desire Resort and Spa Cancun

Malaysia: A Home-Stay in Kampung Pachitan

Locavore Costa Rica: Living the Dream

Home Exchanges: A Great Way to Experience Other Countries House Sharing with a Twist

Dead Goat Polo: National Sport of Kyrgyzstan


You can always extend your policy while you are away.


Tips on How to RV All Over the World

Learning Vacations at the Campbell Folk School

Eco-Adventures All Over the World

A Yurt Holiday on the Isle of Wight: Cheap and Cheerful

Chefchaouen, Morocco: A Magical Blue Dreamscape

The Kalka-Shimla Railway: All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

The Good Tourist, an Ethical Traveler's Guide

Las Vegas Spas: Why Gamble When You Can Relax?

Visiting the Kuna Yala and the Embera Tribes in Panama

Watching the Eclipse in Xinjiang, China

Siem Reap, Cambodia: The Children in the Temples

Tanzania: Adventures of a Volunteer in Bomang'ombe

Mui Ne, Vietnam: A Kelly Westhoff Photo Gallery

'Coasteering' in Wales: It Only Sounds Dangerous

Nicaragua: In Dreams on Little Corn Island

City of the Beast: A Heavy Metal Tour of London

Teaching in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photo by Victoria Cho.
Teaching in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Vaughantown: An Enclave of English in the Heart of Spain for vaughantown volunteers

Oudtshoorn, South Africa: Ostrich Rides and Animal Encounters

Homestay in Pulau Bumbun, Malaysia

Cuyamaca Rancho: Quintessential California Camping

Wild Thailand: Elephants, Cobras and Tigers

Karnataka, India: Buffalo Racing In Muddy Waters

Volunteers For Peace: Making Travel More Meaningful

A Semester in Uruguay: Opening up to New Experiences

Running a Marathon in the Canadian Arctic

Jallikattu, the running of the bulls in India
Jallikattu, the running of the bulls in Tamil
Nadu, India - photo by Suruchi Dumpawar

New Hampshire Summer Stock Theatre: 'The Magic That's Born in the Heart'

Learning to Fly: A Bird's-Eye View of the Pioneer Valley Finding Friendship and Hospitality Around the World

Desire, Los Cabos, Mexico: The World's Best Couples-Only Resort

Digging Up The Past in Utah's Flaming Gorge

Alternative Spring Break: Building Houses in Uruguay

Jallikattu: Taming the Bulls in India

Habla Ingles? English Language Immersion in Spain

Japan: A Beginner’s Guide to Sumo Wrestling

India: Visiting Lord Bahubali in Shravanabelagola

Korea: Pitching In to Clean Up An Oil Spill

Greenland: Island of Melting Traditions

Limpopo, South Africa: Feeding a Teenage Hippo

Australia's Coober Pedy: A Gemstone in the Desert

Visiting an Organic Coffee Plantation in Nicaragua

Sandy Hook, New York: A Different Sort of Beach

Soaring Around in Alternative Reality: A Press Trip to New Holland

Feeding Jessica the teenage hippo in Limpopo South Africa - photo by Lucy Corne
Feeding Jessica the teenage hippo in
Limpopo South Africa - photo by Lucy Corne

Birdwatching in West Marin, California: One Woman’s Journey to the Edge of the Lagoon

Motorcycling Across Crete

A Yurt-Stay in Kyrgyzstan

Visiting a Berber Village in Morocco

Spiti: A Homestay Trek in Himachal Pradesh, India

Nevada's Burning Man Festival: Raunchy Rainbow Picture Show

India: A Day-Trip From Mysore

India: The Beginner's Guide to Camel Trekking and Venomous Snakes

Riding in Montana Among the Aspens

Cabarete: A Dominican Adventure

D Acres of New Hampshire: A Refreshing Weekend Getaway

England by the Book: A Guide to the Best Bookstores and Libraries

Rafting in Bosnia: A Landscape of Incomparable Splendor

Thailand: Dada's Grand Plans for Helping Kids

A boy plays bass guitar at Baan Dada, an orphanage in Thailand.
A boy plays bass guitar at Baan Dada, an orphanage
in Thailand. Photo by Ryan McDonald
Bequia: Finding the Real Caribbean

Piranha Fishing on the Amazon River

Mexico's Matacanes: Underwater Rivers, Cliff Jumping and Rappelling

Meeting the Maori in New Zealand

De Smet, South Dakota: A Family Visit to the 'Little House on the Prairie'

Prashar Lake in India: A Tranquil Beauty

Ecotourism in Kenya: Campi ya Kanzi

Learning Photography in China: Bringing Images to Life

Beanz 'n' Rice Volunteers: Havin' Fun, Helpin' Out in South America

Czech Republic: Jousting in Cesky Krumlov

Shedding Light on Dark Tourism

A Jaisalmer desert woman - photo by Cyndy Phillips
A Jaisalmer desert woman - photo by Cyndy Phillips
Africa Under Canvas: Camping in Botswana

Learning Photography in China

Women’s Tales of Courage and Adventure

Amsterdam on a Budget: Markets and Museums Galore!

Valencia's Las Fallas: Firecrackers, Folklore and Fiesta

Manhattan’s Lower East Side: The Big Onion

The Planeterra Foundation: Helping the Children of Peru

Vallecito: A Quiet, Primitive Desert Campground

Learning Italian at Florence's Koine Center

An Eco-Adventure in Trinidad Tobago

Blogging from Greenland: Sharing a Trip to a Place No One Goes

GoNOMAD Writer Susan Fogwell in Guadeloupe
GoNOMAD Writer Susan Fogwell in Guadeloupe
Namibia's Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary: Noah's Ark in the Desert

Tokyo on a Budget

Panama's Wild Side: An Undiscovered Paradise for the Eco-Traveler

Monaco for the Average Joe

Jordan: Camping with the Bedouins

Chautauqua, New York: A Great Place to Start a Tradition

Bareboat Charters in the Caribbean: Freedom to Explore

Dartmoor, England: Preserving an Ancient Man-Made Wilderness

India: A Trek Through the Kuari Pass

Have You Ever Been Experienced? Burning Man Teaches Lessons

Going Dutch: A New Dimension in Travel

An Aymara woman from Amantani island
An Aymara woman from Amantani island - photo by
Eva Piccozzi

Cuernavaca, Mexico: The Perfect Place to Study Spanish

Ecotourism in Kenya's Savannah

Volunteering in Kenya: From the Safari to the Relief Station

The Benefits of a Sustainable Travel Vacation

Learning to Train Elephants in Thailand

Hiking Along the Great Wall of China

A Homestay with the Aymara on Lake Titicaca

Hiking to the Base of Mt. Everest

Restoring Ancient French Castles

Chile's Elqui Valley: A Zen Experience of 'Travel Therapy'

Hobknobbing With Sperm Whales in the Azores

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay: In Search of the Fabled Ombu Tree

Hiking in Hong Kong

Helping Street Kids in India

Ladakh The Hard Way: By Road

Entering the Congo: "The Man With the Key is Dead"

Volunteer in Vietnam Finds Frankness and Generosity

Relaxing in the Elqui Valley in Chile - photo by Jade Frank
Relaxing in the Elqui Valley in Chile - photo by Jade Frank

Alamos, Mexico: Small-Scale Colonial Charm

Northwest Vietnam: Friendly People and Breathtaking Landscapes

Ise: Japan's Holiest Shinto Shrines

Building Trails, or Trying To, In Baikal, Siberia

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