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agloves, perfect for texting and talking and playing with electronics.agloves, perfect for texting and talking and playing with electronics.

agloves Touchscreen gloves.

These are the original text and dial gloves. They have a snug fit and they have this wire in the fingers that magically lets you do these things while wearing the gloves. Very convenient if you are a frequent phone user. $17.99

Satechi Audio Move SD $29.99

This groovy little four-inch long music player tucks into my tiny little 5 x 5 gear bag, yet pumps out real sound when tethered to the iPhone. Such a cute little unit. it's shaped in a gentle figure 8 with soft edges and generally, this little baby will fit in everywhere! Charges via USB on a PC. It can also read micro SD cards but it's easier to just plug in the iphone. The charge lasts 3-4 hours.

Satechi Audio Move SD portable speaker.Satechi Audio Move SD portable speaker.
Aviiq mobile charging station.Aviiq mobile charging station.

Aviiq mobile charging station $79.99

A Swiss Army knife style charging station, that wraps up in a nice package, that should cover the guy who travels with several phones, and frequently is in areas where power is spotty. It's a back up system that you plug in and then you sip power from that, in case your tropical paradise's lights go out. 3 + 1 charging hub. It can charge all your devices and get pass data through one.

The AViiQ Portable USB Charging Station can charge four USB devices simultaneously, including an iPad, as well as passing data through one specialized port. Rest assured that even your larger power-consuming products such as the Apple iPad, which requires a 10v charger, is supplied through one of our four ports.

Aviiq foldable alumninum laptop stand. $24.95

I used this device both on a bed and on a chair. Every time I appreciated the relief from the laptop's heat, yet the alumninum it's made of after a while doesn't feel good on the skin. It's almost like one needs a pad to use this for more than a quick email session. For tabletop use, not on the knees, it's a good product.
Aviiq laptop stand.Aviiq laptop stand.
Smartfish mousepad and travel pouch.Smartfish mousepad and travel pouch.

Smartfish Mousepad and travel pouch $14.95

At first, I looked at this and said, who would want to carry around a mouse? Then I unzipped this little pouch to reveal a functional and good performing mousepad, portable! Clever idea.




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