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Lingo voice recorderLingo voice recorder

The Very Latest Travel Gadgets

These new products were tested and approved by GoNOMAD staff. We  think many of these are the kinds of products that will make your travels easier. Some people rely on websites and photos, but we actually use each product, so you can be sure this information is real and not just puff.

Lingo Digital Voice Recorder

This small, (only 2.2 oz) voice recorder is sleek and easy to take on trips of any kind. Equipped with up to 59 hours of recording time, this recorder makes it easy to record and store lots of information without dealing with tapes. 

All it takes is two AAA batteries to start it up, a few minutes to learn the simple buttons, and you're ready to capture a personal diary of any trip.

To upload the files, simply use the USB cord (supplied) and plug it into any computer, and the information will be uploaded. Also supplied is an external microphone and earphone, so capturing a conversation or sounds is easy to do. One of these recorders runs about $99-$130 and is only available in silver.

You can buy the Lingo voice recorder on many different websites, including and the digitalgiftstore.

Life Gear 6-in-1 Safety Light

All it takes is one minute to crank this hand-held device to give you approximately one hour of power. You never have to change the batteries on this 6-in-1 flashlight, signal flasher, emergency radio, 130-decibel siren, directional compass, and cellular phone charger.

The 6-in1 safety light is a bit sturdier than the life light.The 6-in1 safety light is a bit sturdier than the life light.

The crank is easy to use and can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise. Check out the 6-in-1 Safety light, which goes for about $25.

Life Gear Life Light

Similar to the 6-in-1, the Life Light is also a crank-operated device. The handle however is less sturdy and part of it broke off when I opened the package.  The features though range from the super bight LED lantern, radio and MP3 player (cord supplied to connect mp3 player and LifeLight), emergency signal flasher, directional compass, siren, night light, and cell phone charger. 

I would say that this one is not nearly as easy to use as the 6-in-1 due to a poor design, small NOT easy to use buttons, and a much longer crank time. If you are still interested, be prepared to pay around $70. Check out

Safety Bright 4 in 1 Safety Stick

The 4-in-1 Car Emergency Tool and Flashlight that is great to keep in the car for emergencies.

Included in this safety device are nine flashing LED lights on the side, a super-strong magnet on the bottom that can be attached to any metal surface, a bulb on top to use as a flashlight, a seatbelt cutter, and a glass breaking hammer. Cheaper than the other safety devices, this one only runs about $14.  For more, check out

Travel Chic Luggage TagsTravel Chic Luggage Tags

Travel Chic Luggage Tags

If you have ever traveled by air, you have probably experienced or witnessed baggage mix-ups. It happens so often because many bags look similar. Travel Chic has created a way to make keeping track of you baggage easier.

They provide luggage tags, wraps, and tassels that when purchased can be put on handles and zippers of bags to make them more easily distinguished from others. Available in several different colors and patterns, it is easy to coordinate your bags and your outfit!  Each item costs around $15.  Check out the variety at

Jonathan Paul Sunglasses

Sunglasses are key when visiting sunny areas of the world, and they travel wherever you go, so it's important to find the right pair. You want sturdy glasses that won't break too easily, and you should make sure they're polarized.

GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne found out about polarized sunglasses from one of his fellow travelers:

"My traveling mate Johnny Jet, of, recently showed me his $200 Guccis, which feature polarized lenses. Whoa! That view of the ocean from his Manhattan Beach pad was amazing. These glasses by Jonathan Paul (for under $50) are also polarized and they're made of aluminum instead of plastic, so they're a lot sturdier."

Bluetooth portable miceBluetooth portable mice

The JP Sport Aluminum Sunglasses are available at your local eyewear dealer and you can find them at for $49.95

Razor Pro Click Mobile Bluetooth Portable Mouse
This mouse which has an ambidextrous design that uses Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use your mouse anywhere, anytime and not have to use USB cords.

Offered in four interesting titled colors, including "naughty, nice, sugar, and spice” (black, white, pink and red respectively). It has a sleek design and can be easily transported in velour like carrying case.

These portable 'mice' are available at lots of websites, including Amazon


Megan Cross



Megan Cross is a Hospitality and Tourism major at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a former intern for GoNOMAD. She has taught English in Spain, and traveled to Europe, Australia, and throughout the USA.

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