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GoNOMAD Travel Writers: The Best in the Business

Here are the intrepid souls who bring their observations and insights to our site. They come from all walks of life and share share a commitment to exploration and global understanding. They are the people who make GoNOMAD what it is: our writers.

Jaclyn C. Stevenson

Jaclyn C. Stevenson is a full-time writer and photographer based in Massachusetts. Hailing from a long line of adventure-seekers, she specializes in travel, business, pop culture, the arts, and other slices of life.


Glacier Country: Real Dining, Real Skiing in Northwest Montana

Young Hearts Run Free in a Changing Tahoe

Studying Gastronomy in Lyon, France’s Culinary Capital

Atlanta’s Rail and Bus System: A Whirlwind Weekend Making Time With MARTA

Travel Doctor Offers Rx for a Safer World

Riding Trains and Ferries in Ireland and France

Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey

Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey is a freelance writer currently living in Oman. Her work has been published in The Weekly Telegraph, Business Traveller, Oman Today and She is married to Ian Lemmin-Woolfrey, a part-time freelance photographer.
Zanzibar: A Magical Blend of Arabia and Africa

Oman: Storybook Enchantment and Modern Amenities

Qatar: GoNOMAD Destination Miniguide

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