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Bike touring in France with Austin-Lehman Adventures.

Bicycle Touring Stories on GoNOMAD

There is no better way to see a country than from the seat of a bicycle. That's why we publish so many articles about bicycle touring and adventures of independent travelers on bikes on GoNOMAD. If you want to get to know a city, spend an afternoon riding around and get the perspective you'll never see from a bus or a car window.

Below are dozens of inspiring articles about bike travel around the world, which will be great planning for your own adventure on bicycle!

Bike touring and biking around the world articles
Albania: Crossing a Balkan Land by Bike
David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries
The Tour de France Starts in Leeds, England
Riding Down From Oregon to California
Argentina: Biking in Buenos Aires
Cycling in Sardinia, Italy
Biking in Hungary
Biking in Cambodia
Riding Across Taiwan
Biking in Cambodia
Cycling Ethiopia's Ancient Heartland
Bicyclist and Ox Cart in San Diego de los Banos, Cuba
Biking in the Desert of South America.
Yamdrok Lake, Tibet
The Top of the Himalayas in Tibet
Cycling on the Tibetan Plateau
Camp in Yamdrok Lake, Tibet
Biking in Tuscany
Bicyclist and Ox Cart in San Diego de los Banos, Cuba
Biking Peru: Tackling the Horizontal Abyss
The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure | GoNOMAD
Solvang California: a Cycling Adventure
BikeSherpa Combines Social Networking with Bike Touring Adventure
Zagreb, Croatia by Bike
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Biking in Pittsburgh, PA: A Resurgent Biking Destination
Thailand Coffee: Doi Chaang, Thailand: In Search of the Fairest Cup of All | GoNOMAD.cmo
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Riding the Farmington Canal Heritage Train, Simsbury CT
Cycling Chile's Lake District
The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia’s Ancient Heartland
Africa: Cameroon by Bicycle
Paris-Dakar Bike Race: Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream
Sunny Cycling in the Domincan Republic
Biking in
Biking in Carfree, Carefree Cuba
Tour d' Afrique
Bicycle Touring in Europe: How to Choose the Right Tour Operator
Wisconsin's Glacial Drumlin Trail: The Leisurely Way
Napa-Style Winery Bike Tours in Oakland
Shipping Your Bike Abroad
Bicycling Cuba: Bluebird Skies and Welcoming Homestays
Bicycling Cuba: Bluebird Skies and Welcoming Homestays - Page Two
Biking Through the Dutch Countryside: Picture-Postcard Panoramas
Biking from Tibet to Nepal: The Longest Descent in the World
Cycling the Length of South America
Biking with the Europeans: Lower Cost, More Options
The Andes Trail Expedition: Biking to the End of the World
Ecuador: Mountain Biking on the Highway of the Waterfalls
Cycling Montreal: An Adventure Sans Auto
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Cycling Northern Laos: A Pedaler's Paradise
Biking Formentera, Spain: Less is More on the Balearic Islands
Cycling Chile’s Lake District
Cairo to Capetown: Biking Through the Heart of Africa
The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia’s Ancient Heartland
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