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Biking Portugal's Heartland:
The Grand Route of Historical Villages

Photographs by Matthew Kadey  

The ride to Castelo Mendo
The ride to Castelo Mendo

Trips to Portugal

The village of Castelo Mendo
The village of Castelo Mendo


Castelo Rodrigo
Castelo Rodrigo

Fresh figs
Fresh figs


Matthew Kadey
Matthew Kadey is a Canadian-based photographer and freelance writer. Suffering from chronic wanderlust, he has cycled in several locales including Asia, Jordan, New Zealand, Belize, Ireland, Ethiopia and Hawaii. His photography and writing can be seen at

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Donkey cart plies the roadway in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal. photos by Luke Gribble
Page One Two Three Four Matthew Kadey's Portugal Photo Gallery Page
Ecotourism in Portugal Mingling with the Storks and Dolphins of the Sado By Max Hartshorne
Page One Two Three Four Matthew Kadey's Portugal Photo Gallery Page
GoNOMAD Photo Gallery: Ecotourism and History in Portugal Photos by Ali Crolius
Page One Two Three Four Matthew Kadey's Portugal Photo Gallery Page
A woman hangs her wash out to dry in Porto, Portugal. Photos by Paul Shoul Porto
Coimbra and Viseu are small cities full of history and beauty By Max Hartshorne Portugal
roughness to this edge of Europe. A A A Portugal is a fantastic destination for an extended road trip
A Revelers at Entrudo in Lazarim, Portugal - photos by Ericka Hamburg. Entrudo
of nine volcanic islands off the coast of Portugal. Because it's surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean
by Max Hartshorne. The Azore Islands of Portugal: Nine Steaming Volcanic Islands
central Portugal villages like Moreirinhas, Carrapichana, Venda do Cepo, and finally, after a day
central Portugal. Call it an attempt to draw some of the adventure-minded away from countryAs well

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