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The Friendship Bridge in VietnamThe Friendship Bridge in Vietnam
GoNOMAD Transports Section

Remember the days of steamer travel? The romance of trains? The caravans of long ago? At GoNOMAD, we know that getting to where you're going is part of the adventure of every journey.

Sure, there are always plane tickets, but why not join Marie Javins, GoNOMAD'S TRANSPORTS Editor, and explore an alternative form of transportation? Take a train, rent a bike, hop a camel or sail the seas on a freighter, ferry or sailboat, and make getting there half the fun.

Hopping Freight Trains and Living the Life of a Hobo

Long Brazilian Road Trips: Eight Helpful Suggestions

Cape Town's Metrorail: False Bay to Simon's Town

Biking the Baja Peninsula: "The Baja Boys" Return 38 Years Later

Norway's Svalbard Archipelago: The Land of the Ice Bear

Taking a Very Slow Boat to Timbuktu

Gujarat, India: Traveling to Gir National Park in a Skoda Yeti

Touring Canada by Train: It's The Way to Go!

Rounding Cape Horn: The World's Wickedest Waters

South Korea: Flying the Bullet Train from Seoul to Busan

Small Ship Cruising Through Alaska's Inside Passage

Cyprus: Motorbiking Through the Land of the Gods

U.S. Highway 89: Scenic Route to Seven National Parks

Enjoying the Scenic Railways of New Zealand

Wisconsin's Glacial Drumlin Trail: The Leisurely Way

The Holy Family Mission in Saku, Japan: A Peaceful Sanctuary

The Yukon River Quest: The Longest Canoe and Kayak Race in the World

Cruising from New Jersey: An Easy Departure for Families

Sailing a Catamaran in St. Martin: Paradise With a French Twist

Google Maps Now Includes Bike Trails

Traveling Around the World Without Taking Flight

Riobamba, Ecuador: Riding Down the Devil's Nose

An umbrella girl at the Macau Grand PrixAn umbrella girl at the Macau Grand Prix

Advice for the Last Day of Your Cruise

Personalized Alaska Cruises Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Airport Naps Made Easy with Mini-Suites

Cruising New Zealand's Doubtful Sound: Marvelous, Majestic, Mysterious

Bike-Friendly Public Transportation in Portland, Oregon

The Macau Grand Prix: Fearsome Motorsports Competition

The Airbus A380 Jet: The World's Largest Passenger Aircraft

Driving Across Mongolia, the Land of the Great Blue Sky

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: A Lap of the Track

Tips on How to RV All Over the World

Bicycling Cuba: Bluebird Skies and Welcoming Homestays

Roz Savage Update: Rowing Across the Pacific

Cycling the Length of South America

The train to ZanzibarThe train to Zanzibar.

David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries: Biking in Cities Around the World

Tokyo, Japan: Done Subway Style

Cruising the Massachusetts Coast

The Kalka-Shimla Railway: All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

Burlington, Vermont: Cruising Lake Champlain

Houston's Art Car Parade: A Celebration of Individuality

Fort Collins, Colorado: Rafting the Poudre

Worth the Ride: Train'Shares Offers Luxury Train Travel

GoNOMAD's Bicycle Touring Section

No Translation Necessary: A Taxi Ride in Northen Iran

Biking in Laos
Biking in Laos.

Zambia to Zanzibar: Train Ride to Paradise

Costa Rica Escape -- on Horseback

Arizona Rocks: The Grand Canyon by Air and Rail

Cycling Montreal: An Adventure Sans Auto

Ecuador: Mountain Biking on the Highway of the Waterfalls

Timbuktu: The Blue Men of the Sahara

Biking Formentera, Spain: Less is More on the Balearic Islands

Biking with the Europeans: Lower Cost, More Options

Winneshiek County, Iowa: Canoeing the Upper Iowa River

The Andes Trail Expedition: Biking to the End of the World

Cycling Northern Laos: A Pedaler's Paradise

Cycling Chile’s Lake District

Learning to Fly: A Bird's-Eye View of the Pioneer Valley

Australia: Rafting the Nymboida River

Biking in Belize
Biking in Belize.

Visit the North Pole Aboard a Russian Icebreaker

England: A Pirate Pub Crawl Aboard a Canal Boat

The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia’s Ancient Heartland

Mexico: Motorcycling Through Baja

Route 66: The Main Street of America

Cairo to Capetown: Biking Through the Heart of Africa

Sailing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: A Pirate's Dream

Way, Way Down Under: An Antarctic Safari

Biking Portugal's Heartland With Gary Fisher, The Inventor of the Mountain Bike

Motor Home Swap: A New Way to Vacation on Wheels

Motorcycling Across Crete

Roman Roads and Renaissance Castles: An Auto Tour of Le Marche in Italy

A Railway Tour of Sweden and Finland

Rafting Peru's Cotahuasi River: One Woman's Whitewater Adventure

Africa: Cameroon by Bicycle

Four Bike Tours on Cape Cod: On the Trail of Henry David Thoreau

India: The Beginner's Guide to Camel Trekking and Venomous Snakes

Riding in Montana Among the Aspens

A Women-Only Bike Trip in Vietnam

Biking Belize and Guatemala: From Temple to Temple

Rafting in Bosnia: A Landscape of Incomparable Splendor

Piranha Fishing on the Amazon River

Biking in Utah's Canyonlands
Biking in Utah's Canyonlands.

America's Newest No-Frills Airline: Skybus

>Driving I-95: America's East Coast Highway

Biking Utah's Canyonlands: The White Rim Trail

Biking in Fiji: A Spin ‘Round Historic Levuka

Motorcycling in Cambodia: The Honda Dream

Eating Up Italy: Voyages on a Vespa

Finland: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Arctic Adventure

Rowing Around the World: One Woman's Odyssey

River of No Reprieve: Descending Siberia's Waterway of Exile, Death, and Destiny

Don't Park at the Airport! Off-Site Lots Charge 60 to 80 Percent Less

Sydney by Sail: The Best Way to View the Cinderella City

Sailing the Historic Northwest Passage in a Polar-Class Icebreaker

Kitzbuhel, Austria: Designed for the Hiker, the Biker & the Skier

Budget Travelers Save Time & Money With JFK's AirTrain

Cycling Historic Richmond: A Soft Pedaling Vancouver Adventure

The Canal du Midi in France
The Canal du Midi in France.

France: Cruising on the Canal du Midi

Yukon Territory: Rafting the Tatshenshini

Horsepacking Across Patagonia

Colorado Adventuring By Air, By Land and By Water

Quebec's "Little Train" Bikeway: Recreational Cycling At Its Best

Bareboat Charters in the Caribbean: Freedom to Explore

Travel Safely, 2006--Advice for Travelers from Kent St. John

Dubai: Sailing the Arab Dhow in a World of Fantasy

A Netherlands Bike and Boat Adventure

A 4x4 Offroad Tour in Bora Bora

A Cycle Holiday in West Ireland

Biking from Paris to Dakar

Northwest Laos: Cruising the Mekong

A dhow in Dubai
A dhow in Dubai.

Sail Antarctica in a World-Class Racing Yacht

ClearPass Membership Cuts Down Airport Waiting Time

Norway's Viking Voyage: The Hurtigruten

Sunny Cycling in the Dominican Republic

Backpacking in Kazakhstan

Fung Wah Buses: The Price is Right

Ladakh The Hard Way: By Road

Motorcycle Touring in Arizona

Riding Trains and Ferries in Ireland and France

Island Hopping in Scotland's Inner Hebrides

New Magazine Offers Tips on Motorcyle Touring

Around theWorld in Pedal-Powered Boat

Half a Million Harleys: Rally Week in South Dakota

Touring Alaska the Green Tortoise Way

Kids at Sturgis Ralley Week in South Dakota
Kids at Sturgis Ralley Week in South Dakota.

Riding Missouri's Katy Trail

Motoring in Ireland: To Drive or To Be Driven?

Renting a Car in Europe: Dirving Rules and Regulations for Every Country

Getting Around Alaska--Transport Picks

New Zealand Top Transport Pick

Biking in Rome

Australia's Top Transport Picks

Top transports picks in Europe

Top transports picks in Africa

Top transports picks in Central America

Top transports picks in Southeast Asia

Top transports picks on Islands Around the Globe

Read about Marie's World Tour using surface transportation



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