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New Travel Gadgets 2013:

An assortment of useful new products for people on the move
Handpresso In Car Espresso Maker

Not all of us need espresso when we travel, but for those who do, Handpresso‚Äôs espresso machine for the car may be worth your while. This gadget is a hand-held espresso machine that plugs right into the cigarette lighter of a car for espresso on the go.  GoNOMAD's coffee-loving editor made a quick espresso in his Nissan Altima parked outside our offices in South Deerfield. He didn't wait long enough--you have to wait til the arrow is in the scary red zone on the dial. Overall a pretty nifty compact little espresso maker. To go! Hanpresso In-Car Espresso Maker

SPIbelt is for carrying things around hand-free. A phone fits in the pouch.
For a simple way of protecting cash, cell phones, or passports on your person while travelling, the SPIbelt is easy to use. The user wears the SPIbelt around their waist like a belt, and objects can then be inserted into the stretchy pouch located at the front. When there is nothing inside, it looks like an ordinary athletic belt. When objects are placed into the pouch, it expands to create a small fanny pack. Our editor thought it was a little tight to wear, but he was impressed by its ability to hold a smart phone.  It's no where near as dorky as a traditional fanny pack. SPIbelt

HitCase Pro
HitCase Pro
For those who rely on their iPhones for pictures while travelling and want to take photos while doing activities that would mean instant death for any electronic device, the HitCase Pro is the perfect gadget to use.

The case fits securely around any iPhone 5, and is dirt proof, water proof, and shock proof. It also comes with a rail and strong adhesive strip that can allow it to be mounted to helmets or boards for footage in action. The case itself is incredibly easy to use. Just pop open the three flaps holding the case closed, open the case and insert your iPhone into the tray, then close and secure the flaps. The iPhone also works quite well while inside the case. Though there is a thick layer of plastic protecting the screen, it is still equally responsive to your fingertips. All buttons are also easily accessible. HitCase Pro

Ninja Desk

Ninja Desk is a portable shelf unit designed to give people with limited space a desk to hold a laptop or computer. It can be used while sitting or standing, and can be secured to a wall or hung on the back of a door.

Ninja DeskBecause it is portable and relatively easy to assemble, it could be a convenient product for travelers who need a desk for their laptop while travelling to locations where a desk might not be available. However, we felt that the stability of the Ninja Desk was not as strong as we would like to be. The light shelf material in combination with the velcro strap system made us feel hesitant to trust this desk to holding our laptops. Truthfully this one needs to go back to the drawing board. Good concept, cheap execution. Ninja Standing Desk
Soiree Tempour

e Tempour

Enjoying a cold alcoholic drink can be a nice addition to any vacation. However, what do you do if you have no refridgerator at your destination? What if your destination is the arid desert?   With the Tempour by Soiree, drinks can be instantly chilled and refined while they are poured. The Tempour itself works well-- the problem is just having it on you when you need it! While on a family vacation trip to PA, our editor regretting leaving his Tempour at home when he found himself with many warm bottles of wine. Soiree Tempour

ibattz Batter Case
Ibattz REFUEL Removeable Battery Case

A long cell battery life may be essential for the traveller who relies on GPS or translation apps to get around. While there is no way to make batteries last forever, there is a way to make them last longer. 

The ibattz REFUEL Removeable Battery Case conserves extra battery power in the case that can give your iPhone extra battery life. The case is a simple yet stylish silver and black, and is extremely easy to use. The case opens and closes around the phone easily.Ibattz Battery Case

ThermaCell Lantern

ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern

The ThermaCell lantern is designed to provide protection from mosquitos within a 15 x 15 ft. area. Its made from cheesy plastic and needs batteries to run, but requires no open flame. Our editor admits that it works fairly well at mosquito repelling, but he complains that the butane cartridge necessary to run the lantern was far too small to make the protection last long enough.ThermaCell Lantern

Sonic Alert Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

When travelling, being on time to catch flights, trains, and departing tour groups can make the difference between a good and bad vacation. To assist in waking up on time for those that really need more than a little alarm, there is the Sonic Boom Alarm clock. The clock works like any average alarm clock, and it is just as easy to use. 

 Sonic Boom Alarm Clock The alarm itself does not have a particularly loud alarm that is any different from a normal alarm clock. However, the clock comes with an attachable vibrator that you can put in bed with you to give you an additonal sensory alert. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock It's not a product that most people would need.

Insect Shield T-Shirt

Zorrel Insect Shield Apparel

Zorrel Insect Shield apparel creates clothes that have bug repellent embedded in the fabric. The repellent is odorless, invisible, and cannot be felt while wearing Insect Sheild apparel. The shirts come in a variety of colors, transport moisture away from the body, and provide lasting protection against mosquitos, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. They make tee shirts and baseball hats with the protection baked in. Insect Shield Apparel

new-trentNew Trent Powerpack iCarrier

This is a familiar product for a famiar problem: running out of juice for your devices. We were at the WILCO Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, MA and everyone's iPhones were running out of juice. They put out solar chargers that featured six plugs, four of which nobody wanted to use. This is sleek solution a little bigger than a deck of cards. Heavy cards.

We sure could have used this device, that's a bit heavy but packs 12,000 amps of power and has two USB ports so that it can charge an iPad at the same time as an iPhone. But we would have had to remember to bring a charging cord because there is no 30 pin or Apple Lightning adapter. Still a useful product for any time you're using a camera, a phone or other device and run out of power. Powerpack iCarrier

Kyjen Outward Hound Dog backpack

Outward Hound Backpack main img-BlueMore and more hotels are offering rooms where you can bring along your dog. GoNOMAD published a few stories about dog-friendly hotels, and if you're bringing the dog, you might as well make him carry his own bag.

For this we turn to the folks at Kyjen, who make a sturdy dog's backpack so Poochie can bring his bowl, his toys and his dogfood along on the trip. It holds quite a bit of gear and we tested it out on a strong pittbull named Bodie.  He had no problem keeping the backpack on and ran up ahead leading the charge on a recent hike. This is the most popular dog backpack on the market, according to Amazon. $31.95 Kyjen dog backpack.


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