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Nomad Key charger
No Plug? No Worries. New Gadgets Make Charging a Breeze

How Drunk Are  You and How Windy Is it?  Find out with these new devices!

Nomad Key Charger

The Nomad chargekey is a small portable charging device for the iPhone 5/5s/5c as well as the iPad air and iPad mini. The chargekey plugs into any USB port and fits easily onto your keychain. The remarkable speed with which iPhones lose power makes having this tiny charge key on your keychain a great thing indeed.

Combine this with the little Neptor battery pack (see below) and you'll never be wanting an electric plug again. And you may have noticed that many cafes now regularly block their electric outlets to keep laptoppers from camping out too long in their cafes!  Voila! problem solved.  They also have a credit-card sized charger that slips into your wallet and does the same thing. Brilliant!
Nomad Key Charger $29.00

Bolle Anaconda sunglassesBolle Anaconda sunglasses

Bolle Anaconda sunglasses are all around great sunglasses. With lenses made from polarized Carboglass for glare elimination and UV protection. Mr. Mambo on Amazon writes, 'I've owned many pairs of more expensive sunglasses, but these are my favorites. Why pay $100 (Ray Bans, etc.) $200 (Oakley,etc), or even $300 (Maui Jim, etc.) when you can get a really great looking pair like this? Looks good on a larger face, too! I've had many compliments on them. Nice soft case is included. You can't go wrong.  I agree with Mr Mambo, having tested these sunglasses on a long trip recently through France and Portugal. Winners! Anaconda Bolle Sunglasses  $63.79

BreathometerBreathalyzer breathometer

You never know when this might come in handy...and who wants to get nailed for operating under the influence while traveling?  In many countries the alcohol level is much lower than in the be safe with this phone device. The Breathalyzer Breathometer is a device which plugs directly into the audiojack of most smartphones to transforms it into a breathalyzer. Easily accessible with the free breathalyzer app. Breathalyzer Breathometer $49.95

weatherflowWeatherflow windmeter

Here's another device that will make you feel like McGyver...and if it's really windy it's fun to know exactly how windy it is. 
The weatherflow Windmeter is a device which plugs into the top of you're smart phone to gauge wind speeds. Accessible with the free app. With rugged eco-friendly packaging that can double as a handy storage case.  Weatherflow windmeter   $35.00

clamplight-lanternClamplight blackfire latern

We really like this bright lantern that also works as a powerful flashlight. It would serve well at a campsite or just as a huge flashlight, and the clamp is very useful to clip it to a railing, inside a car, or if you're doing car repairs. The Clamplight blackfire latern is a 100 lumen LED flashlight with a two axis swivel head. It clamps enable it to be allowed hands free operation. Clamplight $49.00

VVModa-XS-earpiece moda XS on ear headphone

These are slightly smaller headphones than traditional models, but offer great sound. They also have a nice case you can store them in.  While I'm not yet ready to travel around wearing these, they worked well on a recent JetBlue flight where I watched the World Cup as we fly home from Tampa, Florida.
V Moda XS on ear noise cancelling headphones offer award winning sounds as well as ergonomics in an ultra portable size. It's metal construction and military level testing ensures unrivaled durability. V Moda XS headphones $199.99

Trakdot luggage tracker
Trakdot luggage tracker
How do you keep track of your luggage? Where is your luggage when you're waiting at the baggage carousel? This little device is about the size of a cigarette pack, and provides a beacon to locate your luggage if you remember to tuck it inside the bag when you pack. The trakdot luggage tracker provides specific location information for your tracked luggage enabling for peace of mind when you're in the air. The device sends an email or text when you land letting you know that your luggage has checked in with you. Trakdot luggage tracker $69.98
neptorNeptor Battery pack

The Neptor NPO28k is a slim and sleek external battery pack for smartphones and tablets. If you have an iPhone 5S, you combine the Nomad Key Charger or the credit card sized charging adaptor and you can plug in to the lightning plug on one end and fast USB 3.0 on the other. A great combination for travelers!  Neptor external charger $39.99

Do you have a device you think we should review? Send us a description and we'll check it out!

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