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New Hampshire's Tip, a Photo Gallery

Coos County, NH: Many Moose, ATVs and Few People

Coos County New Hampshire's Far North

By Max Hartshorne

Visiting the tip of the Granite state, riding the wilds over trails and fishing the Connecticut river

  • Rafting the Rapid River

    By GoNOMAD

    Outdoor fun in Coos County on this river that starts in Maine.

  • Watch out for Moose

    By GoNOMAD

    Thousands of moose live in Coos County, the road north to the border with Canada is called Moose Alley, with plenty of moose sitings every day.

  • The Balsams, Dixville Notch

    By GoNOMAD

    This large luxury resort closed two years ago. There is talk of a new owner bringing it back to its former glory in 2014.

  • Cafe Rendez-Vous

    By GoNOMAD

    A baker who was born in Paris runs this authentic French patisserie/Boulangerie in Colebrook, NH. 

  • Colebrook NH

    By GoNOMAD

    The interstate is 90 minutes south, but you can drive ATVs down the middle of main street in this small New Hampshire town.

  • ATV Heaven

    By GoNOMAD

    There is an astounding 1000 miles of connected ATV trails in Coos County, New Hampshire, you can also rent ATVs in Colebrook, NH.

  • Dry Fly

    By GoNOMAD

    The river starts just above First Connecticut lake, in New Hampshire's Coos County. Up here it's just a trout stream unlike down south where it's a full sized river.

  • Fly fishing in New Hampshire

    By GoNOMAD

    Fishing guide Bill Bernhardt shows the ropes at the headwaters of the Connecticut river in Pittsburg, NH. 

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Location: New England,New Hampshire,United States
author: Max Hartshorne
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