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At GoNOMAD we do our best to bring you interesting and entertaining travel stories from around the world. And as more and more people read these stories, more and more of them say to themselves, "I ought to send them a story about my trip."

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California
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So we're putting up great new travel stories at an ever-increasing rate, and now we've reached the point where we need to put out two newsletters each month to keep you up to date on our new content.

This month we announced GoNOMAD's All-Time Top Ten Travel Photos, which involved sorting through thousands of photos and making some very tough choices. Check out our selections; we think they reflect what our website is all about.

We also have another stellar line-up of stories from mountain climbing in Borneo (Michelle Perry) to fishing in Rhode Island (Max Hartshorne).

David Rich writes about Death Valley, California, and includes more of his great photos like this one, taken at Zabriskie Point.

Daniel O'Sullivan travels to Tagong, a town in China's Sichuan Province, Esha Samajpati visits New York's Finger Lakes Region and Connie Maria Westergaard explores Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands in Ireland's Galway Bay.

Jim Reynoldson writes about alternative energy in Iceland, Ginger Warder finds lots of free attractions in Richmond, Virginia, and Sarah Cavicchi lists resources and informational sites for travelers special needs.

Sarah's is currently blogging from Thailand, and reports that it's quite safe for travelers.

All in all it's just another fortnight of top-notch travel writing on GoNOMAD.

Stories published in July on GoNOMAD:

An eagle warrior at a festival in the Philippines GoNOMAD's All-Time Top Ten Travel Photos
Here at GoNOMAD, we receive lots and lots of top-notch travel photos. Every day brings a new suprise. In this section, we'd like to highlight our all-time top ten photos by some of the best photographers in the business. Follow the links to the stories and you'll find many more. Making these selections meant reviewing thousands of photos and making some very hard choices. In fact we could easily include ten more of the same quality...

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California Death Valley, California: The Innards of the Earth
Death Valley was a rich ‘un, chock full of white gold, aka borax, regular gold, copper and silver. The gold mining boomtown of Ryolite lasted a decade, exploding with 10,000 speculators, its own stock exchange and ribald opera, but the mine closed in 1911 and the population plummeted to zero. However, the famous 20-mule team wagon trains hauling borax endured in American folklore and on television, narrated by the great American communicator, Ronald Dutch Reagan...

Fishing in Rhode Island Rhode Island’s South County: Quirky Cuisine, Great Fishing
Rhode Island is a compact little state with a whole bunch of great reasons to make it a summer travel destination. Whether you’re heading for the bustling city of Providence or the more laid back South County, there’s a whole lot here to make you happy.There are few things as pleasant as watching the sun go down while you’re on a boat looking down at a whole bunch of fish. The stripers turned out to taste delicious following Charlie’s recommended recipe...

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Tagong, China Tagong: The Wild West of Sichuan Province
MClustered more or less around one main street, Tagong is a Wild West sort of town populated almost exclusively by ethnic Tibetans. The people who live there bear the marks of life on the very fringes of Chinese society. Most of the men wear cowboy hats, their hair long and wild underneath, and roar through town on ornately decorated motorcycles. The women by and large, wear thick woollen tunics held together by a multitude of sashes...

A cottage in the Aran Islands in Galway Bay, Ireland Inis Mór, Largest of the Aran Islands: As Irish As It Gets
Once Inis Mór was nothing but a deserted rock on the edge of the Atlantic. Today it has about 800 inhabitants, some horses, cows and sheep. The passengers onboard the ferry are a mix of tourists and islanders on their way home. I have already overheard several conversations in the Celtic language Gaelic, which is the first language of the Aran Islands. The ferry docks in Cill Rónáin, the largest village on Inis Mór...

Mount Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo Borneo: Climbing Gunung Kinabalu
Kinabalu National Park is one of the main reasons to visit Sabah on the island of Borneo. But the trek up Gunung Kinabalu, as the locals know it, is fast rivalling the experience for first place, as increasing numbers of foreigners and Malaysians make the climb up the mountain, sacred to the Kadazan, the state’s largest ethnic group. When I first caught sight of the peaks that form the summit from the park’s headquarters, it induced a reverse sense of vertigo...


The historic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond Lots of Free Attractions in Historic Richmond, Virginia
You can spend a weekend in Virginia’s capital and see most of its historic attractions without spending a dime in admission fees. I’ve lived in several states and several cities, but Richmond is one of my favorite hometowns. We Virginians may grumble about our state income tax, but it gives back in the form of beautiful parks, world-class museums, and tons of historic attractions. The real secret is that most of those are free to residents and visitors alike...

A geothermal energy chart in Iceland Alternative Energy in Iceland: Breaking Petroleum's Grip on Our World
When it comes to energy, Iceland is ahead of the curve in many ways. Blessed with massive geothermal power potential beneath their very feet, Icelanders have managed to build an infrastructure that generates nearly all its heat and electricity from renewable energy sources. Not satisfied with this feat, Iceland also hopes to retrofit its transportation and industrial infrastructures to become as free as possible from petroleum’s grip in coming decades...

Watching the sunset from a wheelchair Advice and Resources for the Traveler with Special Needs
For travelers with special needs, planning any sort of vacation can be quite a production. With equipment, oxygen tanks, and medications, there is an endless possibility of potential problems. But traveling with special needs isn’t a pipe dream; it is possible. “Travelers with special needs assume that they have to stay home. Getting the word out allows people to start dreaming again” says Andrew Garnett, CEO of Special Needs Group...

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Pastoral scene in Upstate New York New York's Finger Lakes Region: Eat, Drink and Be Merry
We drove through long winding country roads with forested hills and clear blue lakes in the distance. I found that agriculture makes up twenty-five percent of New York State’s land area with cheese, milk, apples and berries being some of the leading products. Red barns, tall silos, piles of logs, strapping horses, splotchy cows and the rare man or woman riding a tractor in blue dungarees and straw hats… that’s the kind of scenery you get for miles and miles...

The Lost Girls at the Taj Mahal The Lost Girls and the Wander Year
Jennifer, Holly and Amanda dropped everything in their busy lives, including their big-time media careers, boyfriends and their beloved New Yor City, to truly "get lost." After self proclaimed quarter-life crises, the girls sped off on a year-long trip of a lifetime. They were looking for some perspective and adventure, but they soon found out that they gained a lot more than that. The Lost Girls' memoir recounts everything about their year-long trip around the world...

A painting of the infant Jesus An Irreverent Curiosity: The Search for the Savior's Foreskin
In Travel writer David Farley's new book, he takes the reader along on his quest to locate the Holy Foreskin, one of the Catholic Church's more infamous relics that mysteriously went missing in 1983. With almost blasphemous humor and wit, Farley sorts through all the history, legend, and town gossip from the small hilltop hamlet of Calcata. The colorful townspeople of Calcata make a strange story even stranger, but in the best possible way...

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Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway Visiting Hemingway's Haunts in Cuba
I had heard rumors of Hemingway's ghost appearing from time to time around Paris, Key West, and even Oak Park, Illinois. For a long time I had the notion of being the first writer to record the great man's specter in Cuba—a kingly phantom on the ramparts of El Morro castle. As the drawbridge of diplomacy creaked down and I was at last granted permission to travel to the workers' paradise, I made a pilgrimage to the island haunts of my literary idol...

Hospitality in Morocco Morocco Manners: Etiquette Tips in a Land of Hospitality
Wander around a Moroccan city or village for a while and chances are you’ll be invited into somebody’s home. After our arrival in Chefchaouen, an impossibly picturesque town in Morocco’s north, we ran into Ahmed, who was to be our driver starting the next day and was the only person we knew in town. He was with his brother Abdi, a local fireman. After we joined the two men for a coffee, Abdi invited us to visit his family’s apartment....

Go Green, Girlfriends! 10 Earth-Friendly Getaways for You and Your Friends
Whether you’re looking to be more environmentally aware in your life and travels, or just looking to start a new adventure, this book has everything you need. Stacey Sorensen and her gal pals share with us their own traveling green experiences while giving the reader useful information. Her enthusiasm for adventure and friendship coupled with her passion for the environment makes this read not only informative but powerfully thought-provoking...


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