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Yet Another Great Lineup

We have yet another great lineup of stories on GoNOMAD this month. We're continually pleased and thanful for all the interesting, funny, informative stories we receive from all over the world.

Leading off is our talented father and son team, Kent and Chance St. John. Chance has a really thoughtful and engaging article about Madrid. "Whether you’re stopping by on a voyage throughout Europe, staying for a week, or living for a year or longer," he writes, "the city will always have more to offer."

Kent has a detailed guide on how to enjoy the exciting adventures you can find on the Island of St. Lucia, snorkeling, exploring and zip-lining through the rainforest, but he reports it's also a great place to relax. Read his story and see if you don't develop a hankering to go sample those crabcakes with spicy Creole sauces.

Besides bringing you your favorite writers like Max Hartshorne (Denmark and Bologna), Ginger Warder (Bavaria), Larry Parnass (Duesseldorf), Wendy Hammerle (Azores) and Renee Estey (Milwaukee), we're featuring four writers who are appearing for the second time: Nick Klenske (Cabarete, Dominican Republic), Laurie Ellis (Italy's Piedmont Region), Matthew Kadey (Mountain Biking in Belize), and Elizabeth Bagley (D Acres, Dorchester, New Hampshire). We're expecting they will all become GoNOMAD regulars.

At 7,000 words, Roman Skaskiw's story "A Brief Tour of the Holy Land" is a departure for us, but he's a bright, articulate, witty guy, an Iraq War veteran, and a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and he's writing about some issues of great importance to the future of the world.

We've also added a page listing flights to Madrid.

Just another month of top-notch travel writing on

New Stories recently published on GoNOMAD:

A couple embraces in Madrid. The Magic of Madrid: Salsa and Siesta in the Center of Spain
Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid… with so many deeply cultural and wildly fun cities beckoning you to experience Spain, the biggest travel difficulty becomes choosing your destination. Truly though, while many areas in Spain boast sparkling beaches and undiscovered locales, Madrid is the undisputed center of the country in every sense, whether you are referring to geography, economy, or culture. Find discount flights to Madrid.

Kids playing in a boat in St. Lucia

St. Lucia: Adventures and Relaxation on Coconut Bay
St. Lucia was a destination I longed to see but knew little about. I found out a lot after a few days of exploring one of the Caribbean’s best eco-destinations. In fact Natural History Magazine picks it for one of the top fifty eco-tourism destinations in the world. From volcanic peaks to working fishing villages, St. Lucia has an abundance of activities, but it's also a great place to relax -- your choice...

Statue of the Little Mermaid in Copnhagen harbor.

Denmark: Compact, Cozy and Well Designed
Tina Baungaard Jensen, who works for Visit Denmark as their international press officer, told us the goals of the country's marketing, summed up in four words: Simple. Pure. Design. Perfection. The design aspects were everywhere in her little three-story house: elegant orange chairs with a perfect curve, designed by Jacobsen. Wooden exposed beams in a bedroom that added a natural outdoorsy look...

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World champion kiteboarder Laurel Eastman teaches the sport at her school in Cabarete. Cabarete: A Dominican Adventure
Cabarete, located on the Dominican Republic’s north coast, is a quickly developing adventure sport haven with an eco-conscious twist. What makes Cabarete a destination for adventure? According to world-champion kiteboarder and Cabarete resident Laurel Eastman, “There’s a sport for every type of person and a sport for every type of weather.” 

Mountain biking in Belize Biking Belize and Guatemala: From Temple to Temple
Tiny Belize, tucked neatly between Mexico and Guatemala with the western hemisphere's longest barrier reef system and an outstretched coastline, has long been a destination of choice for water sport junkies and beach bums. But with a scattering of some 600 Mayan ruins, a hospitable English-speaking populace and an abundance of serene, lightly trafficked roads it’s becoming a hot spot for spandex-clad cyclists...

"Sharing the World" -- The Enormous Success of Lonely Planet
Tony and Maureen Wheeler, the creators of Lonely Planet, have become extremely successful doing exactly what they love, traveling. They met in 1970 and decided to travel around the world before settling down. Then they published their first guidebook and the rest is history. Today Lonely Planet publishes more than 500 different travel guides, as well as an award-winning website...


A waiter with a tray of alt bier in Duesseldorf Dusseldorf's Old-Style Beer Culture: A Copper Gleam by the Rhine
The Zum Schlüssel is one of the few old-school breweries in the neighborhood that hugs the Rhine at the center of this bustling regional capital. Even the brewery's motto seems chiseled by experience: "Eat what's cooked, drink what's clear, speak what's true." The people streaming in looked like they were fleeing a blizzard. They had found the coziest place on earth....

A chicken at D Acres in Dorchester, New Hampshire D Acres of New Hampshire: A Refreshing Weekend Getaway
D Acres of New Hampshire is not an ordinary hostel; it's a non-profit organic farm and homestead, as well as a summer camp and educational center. Situated just south of the White Mountains, the hostel is a doorstep to many different outdoor activities. Rock climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing are only some of the activities a guest has offered to them a short distance from the farm...

A reenactor at a festival in Turin Getting Acquainted With Italy's Piedmont Region
When most people consider traveling to Italy, they think of Florence, Venice and Rome. But if you’re interested in an alternate Italian experience, with great food and wine but without the crowds, look into Torino (Turin) and the Piedmont region. The wine of the Piedmont region is world class Cheese and cured meats are also a specialty of the area, so be assured that the proscuitto is outstanding. This place is a gourmand’s nirvana...

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Visiting Upper Bavaria: Hospitality With a Heart
On my first trip to Germany more than 10 years ago, I fell in love with Bavaria: the romantic castles and onion-domed churches, the fabulous food and frothy beers, and the cable cars that take you into the clouds and the snowy Alps above them. My best friend and I rented a car in Munich and hit the autobahn for a driving tour that proved to be an incredible adventure...

Hiking in the Azores Portugal: Amazing Azores Adventures
It’s the Azores, an archipelago of nine volcanic islands off the coast of Portugal. Because it's surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, temperatures remain moderate all year. While there are beautiful black sand beaches here and there, most of the coasts are rugged and rocky with natural pools, caves and waterfalls. Visitors will be rewarded with spectacular scenery, quiet, unspoiled nature, and warm, friendly residents...

A Roman archer GoNOMAD Book Excerpt: The Lost Gold of Rome
The fascinating saga of the barbarian king Alaric and his golden hoard occupies a central place in this book, but equally central is the epic story of the survival of late ancient-early medieval Rome. Both these stories have surprising links to our time. Somewhere near Cosenza in Southern Italy there is a pile of unbelievable riches, hidden in the secret tomb of the Visigoth king Alaric, the first to break into Rome in 800 years....

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GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne chronicles his visit to Bologna, Italy, on his blog, ReadUpOnIt. Bologna, Italy: Conversations and Blogs
Last night we experienced true Italian culture. Sitting in the Piazza Maggiore, the huge square in the middle of Bologna, we enjoyed a program of ballet and modern dance. It was inspiring that so many people here pack a performance for dance. And the dancers were lovely, the gestures, the graceful lines, the artistic flow using their bodies to show emotions. I've never been a big dance fan but this one really struck me.

A model of the Temple of Solomon A Brief Tour of the Holy Land
Last summer, my friend Steffen and I decided to follow through on plans to visit Israel and the Palestinian Territories. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and went despite the war between Israel and Lebanon that had just begun. We happened to be Iraq veterans – in addition to fishing partners, drinking partners, each other’s wingmen, concerned citizens of the world, and students of the Arabic language...

A fountain in Milwaukee Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A Festival For Everyone
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a fascinating city to discover.Milwaukee is known for their summer festivals, including Pridefest, Polish Fest, Summerfest, Festa Italiana, German Fest, African World Festival, Arab World Festival, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, and Indian Summer Festival. All of these festivals are held at the Henry Maier Festival Park, located right next to Lake Michigan, making it a calm, cool place to visit...



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