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  September 2005 MONTHLY NEWSLETTER   

Kelly Westoff Announces the Winner of Its Second $500 Travel Grant
South Deerfield, MA -- Kelly Westhoff, a contributing editor at Minnesota Women's Press, has been selected as this quarter’s winner of the GoNOMAD Travel Grant. Westhoff submitted a plan to write an article on the secluded costal village of Cabo Polonia in Uruguay and its rare forest of ombu trees. Read more about Westhoff's trip and the other top entries. Find out how to submit your entry for the next grant.

Pedalling to Hawaii: Around the World in Human-Powered Vehicles
One rainy, miserable Monday, Stevie Smith resolves to grab life with both hands and embark on a thrilling adventure - an idea that came to be known as "the last great First" - to go around the world entirely by human power.

Half a Million Harleys: Rally Week in Sturgis, South Dakota
After days on the road I screamed into Sturgis with an assortment of fanatics on their annual pilgrimage to the biggest out-of-control Harley Davidson rally on the planet, to the Black Hills of South Dakota, U.S.A. If reality TV is most people’s escape from boredom, Sturgis Bike Week spells in-your-face high-definition relief.

Kashgar, China: The Market at the Top of the World
Most visitors head to Kashgar with the Sunday Market in mind. And this is for good reason. There are few other markets in the world that have been in continuous operation as long And there are few in the world that can match Kashgar’s colors, smells, hustle and bustle.

The Art of Wandering in Paris
Paris was never a city I romanticized. It just happened to be where I’d been living for over three years… all the while dreaming of more exotic locales. BUltimately, what I will miss about the city is the activity of flâner. Endless wandering with no destination in mind, knowing only that inspiration and the unexpected await around the next corner.

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Bogota, Colombia: Progress and Promise
So few foreign tourists visit Bogota that the city is not run with outsiders in mind. But because of the city’s rich history, there is plenty to see. 400 meters up the dominating Monserrate mountain, a picturesque sanctuary and 17th century church sit perched above the massive metropolis.

Istanbul: City of Superlatives
Writers, explorers and historians, attempting to describe the beauty and magic of Istanbul, have used just about every superlative in the thesaurus. Oldest. Grandest. Most beautiful. In this city that dates back to 1000 years before Christ was born, history lurks behind every corner while stunning mosques and palaces create a skyline to rival any city in the world.

Crete: Majesty, History and Adventure
The island of Crete has something for everyone.There are bustling crowds in many areas but also quiet, remote areas where you can get away from it all. Mountain goats and sheep wander freely and sightings of these are a common occurrence.

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Ise: Japan's Holiest Shinto Shrines
Since the fifth century, Ise has become the holiest place in Japan, a land every native is supposed to journey to at least once. Each year six million make the trek.The shade brings stillness, and the few pilgrims speak words no louder than the wind.

Slovakian Tokaj: Wine of Kings, King of Wines
In the 18th century Tokaj wine became famous as a medicine for healing anemia and nerve illnesses. Tokaj is also reputed to have been the favorite drink of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Voltaire, and Goethe. Beethoven and Schubert dedicated songs to it.

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Valentia: The Far End of Ireland
Valentia is an island about 7 miles long and 3 miles wide. It has a grand old slate quarry on the northeast end of the island, an isolated lighthouse and granite challenging the angry Atlantic on the north shore, and glorious, crumbling cliffs to the southwest.

London: Oodles of Bargains If You Know Where to Look
They say that trying to find a bargain in London, recently named as the second most expensive city in the world, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but London has oodles to offer - much at bargain prices, some at no cost at all.

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