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It is 7 a.m. There is a hustle and bustle in South Philly.  Stands of produce and fruits are readily placed in front of storefronts. Over a few Philadelphia Skylineblocks, the grills and spatulas are warming up until they're piping hot.  Every day hundreds of cheesesteaks are consumed.  Today is no different.

Across the parkway, the majestic building of the Museum of Art is waiting to meet the intrigued breathless visitors, accomplishing the Rocky ritual of running up the museum steps.  The boathouses along the Schuylkill River anticipate the night.  It is their time to shine at dusk.  At night, lively throngs of wanderers searching for fun find themselves stumbling along South Street.  This is Philly.  This is a city filled with sensuality. 


A legitimate Philly moment cannot be complete without the taste of a Philly cheesesteak.  There is a controversy over which places are the best cheesesteak joints, but one thing is for sure—they are cheesesteaks and not a steak and cheese sub. 

Cheesesteaks are an original Philly creation, dating back to the 1930s.  The clanking of the metal spatula against the grill, the clouds of steam rising from the sizzling grilled meat, and the procedure for ordering your cheesesteak all contribute to the Philly cheesesteak experience. 

Each cheesesteak is handled with tender care as strips of steak are carefully placed inside the buns topped with caramelized onions and cheese.  Cheese whiz.  The secret behind the ultimate Philly cheesesteak is the cheese.  American and provolone are the standard substitutes for the cheese, but it cannot replace that bright orange goo from the jar.  READ MORE


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