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I wasn’t expecting to be pampered in Vegas. Eat too much? Yes. Stay up late? Of course. Dissolve into a state of utter spa bliss? I’d take it, but was that even an option?

My image of Las Vegas was that it was a city more accustomed to breaking humans down than putting them back together. What I experienced on a recent visit, however, proved my vision needed a makeover.

Promising Pleasure

Las Vegas in the business of promising pleasure, so I wasn’t surprised that its biggest hotels all have spas built right into them, nor was I surprised that all of these spas offer foot rubs, scalp massages and steaming, aromatic baths.

I was surprised, though, by just how many spa experiences I had to choose from. For example, upon checking in to my suite at the Palazzo, I found a 30-page spa menu waiting for me in my room. The menu listed fitness classes and beauty services available at the Canyon Ranch Spa inside the hotel. READ



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Read Las Vegas Hotel Reviews Read More about Las Vegas and Nevada
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