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In the city of Vancouver and the island with the same name across the channel, any visit involves a tinge of regret. It’s the places with little to do that are easy.

I’ve been in cities where you could tour everything of interest before lunchtime. In this city and on Vancouver Island, however, the choices tug at you like a pack of attention-starved toddlers. Ignoring them and just reading a book for an afternoon just doesn’t seem right.

You can feel the energy of progress in Vancouver as the city gears up to host the Winter Olympics in 2010. They’ve already got the cutesy mascots on sweatshirts filling up the shopping bags of Asian tourists.

The already good city transportation system is in expansion mode and I counted eight construction cranes hovering over the central city.

I visited with my wife and 7-year-old daughter, so that did narrow down our options to things that would interest the whole family. READ MORE


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