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Puerto Morelos Mexico Hotel Reviews

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Though Cancun is best known for its famous Hotel Zone, with more than 145 hotels and a staggering 28,000 rooms, just down the coast we found another place that brings travelers a taste of what Mexico’s Riviera Maya used to be… it’s called Puerto Morelos.

On to Puerto Morelos

Later in the week we moved to a smaller hotel, called Cieba del Mar, about 15 kilometers south of the city of Cancun in Puerto Morelos. This fishing village of about 6,000 residents, has a traditional town center with a square lined with cafes and shops, and there are two larger hotels under construction.

The hotel where Cieba del Mar was once located was destroyed in 2005, and the owners decided to build a smaller more boutique property with just 88 rooms instead of the 150 tha originally were there. As a result, it is spacious and lovely, and all of the rooms have a beautiful view of the sea.

We were about to find more elements to ecotourism in the Yucatan…with a visit to two other attractions that harness nature to provide enjoyment for visitors.

Adrenaline and Fun

Selvatica offers a package of adrenaline and fun. The company is billed as the Trip Advisor’s Number One attraction near Cancun. They pick you up at your hotel and the excursions include a three-pack….ziplining over the jungle, a short mountain bike trip through a jungle path, and then a plunge into a blue cenote, or natural pool. They include a meal of rice and beans and chicken all for around $80.

Climbing up the tower to get to the top of the first zipline station, I asked our buff guide if he’s ever seen any wild animals in the jungles down below. “I saw a jaguar about three weeks ago,”he said. The ziplining is fun, but some of the guests like to get a little crazier. They mount themselves on the line and zip down the whole way upside down, accompanied by a guide to make sure they don’t bang their heads.

Sometimes your better half (I mean your girlfriend or you wife) isn’t up for the big adrenaline pounding, she came down to Mexico to sit in a beach chair and drink a big cocktail with fruit coming out of it. In my case, Cindy my partner was happy to stay in the hotel during my ziplining. But she was sure glad that she decided to join me at our last ecotourism stop. READ MORE



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