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San Diego Hotel Reviews


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San Diego may be California's second largest city, but it's also America's finest city. People flock to San Diego and are captivated by its amazing weather, laid back people, and abundance of activities. It's not uncommon to meet people who visited recently who couldn't resist and moved there shortly afterwards.

Athletic Ways to Explore the City

San Diego's perfect weather means exploring it actively is ideal. San Diego Bay teems with life and surprises. Aqua Adventures offers moonlight paddles, which, during the summer, close with watching Sea World's fireworks from the water. You can also rent a kayak hourly to explore on your own, or join them for social paddles for $10.

California means surfing. For formal lessons, Surf Sessions holds weekend clinics (two hours each day). They are informative and focus on understanding how to read waves and surf independently. Another option is to rent a surfboard and experiment on your own. Cheap Rentals rents boards and wetsuits in addition to bikes and other equipment.

When you wake up in San Diego, you can drive east and hit the mountains or west and hit the beach. Either way, you are guaranteed great hiking. Torrey Pines State Park in Del Mar has a number of trails promising stunning views of the ocean.

Once there, if you continue along the paved path to the end, the trails at the south end tend to be less crowded. For mountain hiking, Mission Trails Regional Park is an excellent option. Cowles Mountain has demanding hikes and can be ascended from numerous points. If you have gear, there are some challenging rock climbing routes in the park. The San Diego Natural History Museum offers guided nature walks each weekend throughout the county for $1.


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