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It is a little known fact, but a chance to visit Indonesia can be done easily and will enhance your Singapore sojourn. Three-day visas are cheap and the country is deeply in need of visitors.

So Bloody Clean 

So bloody true! Yet do not confuse clean with sterile. In many ways the order and discipline make it a very easy city to explore. A great example was the low cab fare to the great zoo, a 30-minute trip for less than $15. Singapore is far more than Orchard street shopping and skyscrapers. It is a city of neighborhoods and different cultures. Eating is the number one sport in Singapore and can be done very reasonably.

You, as a visitor, are expected to follow the norm by leaving the drugs and chewing gum home. Use the many litter cans and watch where you light up a cigarette. It quickly becomes second nature and hopefully will remain a habit on your return. See website

Paul Simon must have had the Singapore Zoo in mind when he wrote the words to "It's all Happening at the Zoo". It is the home of the world’s largest collection of primates monkeying around. Not since a safari in Africa have I been so close to the wild things! The system of moats gets you close, real close. Many exhibits put you right in with the animals in a walk through zone. Screening keeps you and the animals together. Signs remind you to close the door behind you so; the Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches don’t mix with the white-faced Saki. READ MORE


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