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Enjoying lunch at the Tavern, Straight Wharf Nantucket. photo: Max Hartshorne
Island Travel Tips


  • Waterproof Your Gear
    Balmy island breezes can carry moisture into every crack and crevice. To keep sensitive gear such as cameras or portable stereos dry and
    rust free, wrap two tablespoons of uncooked rice with cheesecloth. Place the rice wrap in plastic bags and use those bags to store your moisture sensitive items.
  • Aloe Aids
    Plagued by bug bites and over-burned shoulders? On many warm climate islands there is a profusion of Aloe Vera Plants. This cactus like plant offers a host of medicinal cures. Cut a leaf open and use the gel for cuts, burns, and skin irritation. Many Caribbean islanders even mix the gel with juice for upset stomachs.
  • Better Suncreen
    Don’t just count on sunscreen to protect your skin. Use antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E to help prevent skin damage. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables if tanning.
  • Road Rules
    Driving in the islands can be an unsettling experience if you do not know the rules. For example, in the U S Virgin Islands you drive on the left side of the road. To remind you, tape a hand-drawn arrow on the dashboard pointing left.

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