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A Mona Monkey at the Tafi Atome Monkey Preserve in Ghana
A Mona Monkey at the Tafi Atome Monkey Preserve. Photo by Marilynn Windust.
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Monkeys enjoying snacks at the Batu Caves, outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. AWildA
Colobus monkeys in the forest. Photo by Cameron Fergus. Click on photo to return to Cameron
Monkeys False Pit Viper A A A Michael Space
for a capybara and red howler monkeys. We reached our dock at dark and slipped on our packs
molested by a troop of monkeys isnAt everyoneAs idea of holiday fun. But the volume and persistence
spotted giraffes, elephants, baboons, monkeys, gazelle, hippos, warthogs, buffalo, crocodiles
condiments on most tables. Hike to the Monkeys The next morning, Solomon guides us through a hike
back at the Sopa. Hippos and Crocs A A No one needs an alarm clock when verdant monkeys pace
, Nelson pointed out proboscis monkeys and silver langurs high up in the trees, while mischievous long
was unbelievable. Untouched rainforest reached the horizon in all directions. Families of spider monkeys swung
), coatimundi , gibnut , howler monkeys and insects -- especially insects. These were annoyingly present
to return to Ron Mitchell's article about Ghana. Read more about monkeys:
adventure where you and the kids get to swing through the trees like monkeys, suspended 400 feet
into a reptilian meat market, monkeys jabbered, insects buzzed and frogs peeped. Roosters crowed well before
. Among the many monkeys are the frisky bonnet macaques native to southern India and the dark-faced

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Location: Africa, Ghana
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