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GoNOMAD Transports:
Journeys by Bus, Rail, Ferry and by Air

Remember the days of steamer travel? The romance of trains? The caravans of long ago? At GoNOMAD, we know that getting to where you're going is part of the adventure of every journey.

Sure, there are always plane tickets, but why not join Marie Javins, GoNOMAD'S TRANSPORTS Editor, and explore an alternative form of transportation? Take a train, rent a bike, hop a camel or sail the seas on a freighter, ferry or sailboat, and make getting there half the fun.

Timbuktu: The Blue Men of the Sahara
No Translation Necessary: A Taxi Ride in Northern Iran
Zambia to Zanzibar - Page Two
Winneshiek County, Iowa: Canoeing the Upper Iowa River
Worth the Ride: Train'Shares Offers Luxury Train Travel
Fort Collins, Colorado: Rafting the Poudre

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