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Fjordlands, Norway...A Bus-Train-Ferryboat Adventure

Photo Gallery by Max Hartshorne

The Naeroyfjord

Flam Railway to Myrdal.


catching-the-ferry. This is how people get mail and keep in touch.


Fjordlands, Norway...A Bus-Train-Ferryboat Adventure Photo Gallery by Max Hartshorne
The view from the ferry of the Naeroyfjord in Norway. photo by Paul Shoul. Click to return to the story.
Aboard the ferry between Gudvangen and Flam, Norway. Photos by Paul Shoul, click to enlarge
in Rondane landscape . Photos by Simon Glassock. Norway: Cross-Country Skiing in the Rondane
tinge; cold, clear and beautiful. The North Sea darkens and stars gather here on the coast of Norway
The village of Flam, in Norway's Fjordlands. photos by Autumn Thomas Norway: Hiking in Winter
perched proudly atop Europe, it is not surprising that the far northern reaches of Norway
to me and whispered, AWe have a saying in Norway that thereAs no such thing as bad weather, only bad
- Norway - Sweden Denmark Denmark: Compact, Cozy and Well Designed Denmark: An Ancient Kingdom
- Netherlands - Northern Ireland - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Serbia - Slovakia
on a desirable island in Croatia, Norway, or Sweden. Island owners list the price of rent usually per night
to the south and Oslo, Norway, to the west, has in the last fewA years been host to some
are on us, and finally one person finds the courage and askers where we are from. Norway we answer
and cabins in Norway, Finland, and Denmark e-mail: Tel: 011
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