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The majestic Mount Washington Hotel
The majestic Mount Washington Hotel

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The Mount Washington Hotel: A Step Back in Time

She is the Grande Dame of the White Mountains. Her beauty hasn't faded; she is prettier than ever. For over 100 years visitors to the White Mountains have stayed in a place that matches the magnificence of the surrounding Presidential Mountain Range.

Today, the Mount Washington Hotel offers elegance, pleasure and the opportunity for many outdoor adventures. The hotel is even a symbol of what local residents can do to recapture their heritage. Read more...

D Acres of New Hampshire: A Refreshing Weekend Getaway

D Acres of New Hampshire is not an ordinary hostel; it's a non-profit organic farm and homestead, as well as a summer camp and educational center.

Hostels usually consist of dorm rooms separating male and females, a basic kitchen, and a social area. D Acres has an assortment of rooms. Only one is a dorm room, which sleeps three, allowing for a little more privacy than typical dorms that sleep six to twelve. 

There are also two private rooms: the green room and the library. The green room has a cozy home-away-from-home feel. For book lovers the library offers an enormous stock of books ranging from Edward Abbey to how to build a tree house. Read more...


Opening Day at Ascot in the production of 'My Fair Lady' at the Barn Playhouse in New London, New Hampshire.
Opening Day at Ascot in the Barn Playhouse production of 'My Fair Lady'

New Hampshire Summer Stock Theatre: 'The Magic That's Born in the Heart'

Everybody has their own idea of a great vacation, I guess. For my daughter Sarah and me, this year at least, it had to include a lot of theatre. She's an aspiring actress and I'm an aspiring playwright.

But we also wanted to include kayaking and tennis and fresh air and splendid scenery, and we didn't want to include city traffic, subways or taxicabs.

So we headed up to New Hampshire to enjoy great summer stock theatre performances in the splendor of the White Mountains. Read more...


New Hampshire's Stonehenge
New Hampshire's Stonehenge

A Mystery in Stone: Who Built America’s Stonehenge and Why?

In the forests of southern New Hampshire is a puzzle made of stone. It does not appear to have been built for habitation, but for special ceremonies. It is obvious it was used for astronomical purposes. Stones mark the solar and lunar cycles. But there is far more to America’s Stonehenge than just telling time.

The huts, walls, small rooms and standing stones have been called the most important archeological site in America. Its builders could be pre-Columbian Europeans or native Indians.

Its date of construction is arguably anywhere from several hundred years ago to 2000 B.C., and why it was built is a guess. Yet the mystery has many physical clues and anybody who wanders through the ruins can offer a possible solution. Read more...

Take the Waterfall Tour: Mt. Washington Valley, New Hampshire

For some, April signals the end of winter. For others, in search of rushing waterfalls, April is the prime viewing month. With the abundant water from melting snow there is no better season for viewing and photographing waterfalls, rushing brooks, streams, and rivers than April and May. No where in New England are waterfalls more abundant and accessible for viewing than Mt. Washington Valley in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire State House
The New Hamsphire State House

Everyone from kids on spring vacation to photo buffs will enjoy the rush of the falls at this time of year. Here is a guide to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the valley, consider visiting any or all of these choices. Read more...

Concord, New Hampshire: A Capital Destination

“Are you headed up North or are you going down South?” asked the waitress at dinner on our first night.

“Actually, we’re here in Concord for the weekend,” I replied.

Her eyes lit up and she told us that she was happy we had come. So were we.

Having grown up in Massachusetts my boyfriend Ty and I had no excuse as to why we had never visited the nearby capital of New Hampshire, and when I was invited to the opening of the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center we jumped at the chance. Read more...


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The majestic Mount Washington Hotel Read More GoNOMAD Stories About New Hampshire
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