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A Dancer in Sudan.Crew of Darryl's Dinner Cruise in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
The Top Ten Travel Stories of 2011 on GoNOMAD Travel

It's been another year of great travel, with our staff and contributors visiting all parts of the world and sharing their travels here, on GoNOMAD. We take pride in how many places we send writers and that wherever they go during the year, they always manage to share their words and photos with our readers.

With our publishing schedule putting out a new travel article every business day, we have a lot of stories to choose from every year. What makes these stories special is how they embody our philosophy...they put into words the way we see the world--with open eyes, inquisitive minds, and a willingness and interest to really find out what it's like there.

Our number one story of the year was written by Andrea Kaucka and Rene Bauer, two European travelers who have spent the last fourteen months traveling through Africa. They picked a country--Sudan--that doesn't get much travel writer attention, and they described a meeting with the village chieftain...the kind of cross-cultural exchange that we hope our website encourages.

Other top writers for the year include Bill Pfeffer who discovered an Italian town on the coast of Kenya, and Ann Banks, who shared an experience of a weekly dinner party hosted every Sunday in Paris. Mike Smith, known for his incredible photography, made the top list with his account of fishing in Japan using cormorant birds.

We're proud of our top ten winners and all of the fine travel writers who make GoNOMAD what it is.

Top stories for 2011 by GoNOMAD travel writers:

Rene and Andre Bauer

Sudan: Lunch with a Village Chieftain by Andrea Kaucka and Rene Bauer


Mike Smith

Japan: Castles, Cormorants and Cloud Riding by Mike Smith

Bill Pfeffer

Mama Mia Malindi! Kenya's Own Little Italy Bill Pfeffer

Gregory Roensch

Norway: The Svalbard Archipelago, land of the Ice Bear Greg Roensch

Ann Banks

A Dinner Party in Paris...and You're Invited by Ann Banks

Stacey Wolf

Swapping Your Apartment for a Paris Flat by Stacey Wolf

Alice Driver

Utila, Honduras: Killing Lionfish to Save the Seas
by Alice Driver

Petro Koetze


Good Vibrations at Ponta Malongane Mozambique
Petro Kotze

Herb Hiller


Riding Canalside in Simsbury Connecticut Herb Hiller

Kathleen Broadhurst

Equitrekking: Off the Bus, into the Saddle
by Kathleen Broadhurst

Top stories by staff writers and regular contributors:

GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne


Australia: Hiking the Great Ocean Walk by Max Hartshorne

Steve Hartshorne


A Boston Boy Visits Dublin: "Wicked Brilliant!" Stephen Hartshorne

Kent St John

Staying in Castles in Northeastern Germany
Kent E. St. John

Esha Sampajpati

Princeton: A Historic Town Full of Famous People Esha Sampajmati

Jean Spoljaric

Bangkok's Red Light District by Night
Jean Spoljaric

Paul Shoul

Eating San Sebastian: Three meals, hard cider and a whole lotta pintxos
by Paul Shoul

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