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Crossing from West to East on Istanbul's Golden Horn.
Crossing from West to East on Istanbul's Golden Horn.

Kathleen Broadhurst: In Love with the World

 Kathleen Broadhurst is an avid traveler, passionate music lover and photographer. With Kathleen has been documenting her travels from one end of the world to the other, catpturing images and sound to bring home. With enthusiasm and a sense of humor Kathleen has traveled to every continent but Antartica(so far!) in search of funky places, interesting people and the universal human qualities that transcend culture.

"Traveling is not a vacation for me," she says,"It is a way to deeply explore humanity and to gain a better sense of self. Ultimately it is more akin to a spiritual journey than a holiday."

She curently resides in Boston, MA  and covers music festivals around the North East.

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Stories by Kathleen Broadhurst:

Auroville: A Spiritual Retreat in South India

With its serene atmosphere, Auroville in South India is must see place for travelers who are interested in spirituality or sustainability. Situated almost on the tip of India in the state of Tamil Nadu about a 30-minute rickshaw ride from Puducherry, Auroville offers a one of a kind experience in alternative living for those who are interested in staying for a while.

A truly international city, Auroville boasts residents from 140 countries and all the states of India creating a culture that is full of possibility, experimenting with creating a new society and finding ecologically friendly ways of living.

Riding home at sunset, in Auroville, India. Photo by Kathleen Broadhurst.
Riding home at sunset, in Auroville, India. Photo by Kathleen Broadhurst.

Louisiana's Cajun Coast: Canoeing and Cavorting in the Swamp

Between hurricane damage and oil spills Louisiana has had its fair share of disaster. But now the Cajun Coast is in recovery and despite some setbacks Louisiana is pulling tourists back, luring them in with beautiful swamps, fantastic fishing and delicious, safe, seafood.

Deep in Louisiana’s bayous lies a secret. While New Orleans may have clubs, bars and other metropolitan attractions the backwaters of the bayous hides the magic of Louisiana, the heart of Cajun traditions.

Man on the River: A Journey from London to Istanbul

Right now in the French countryside one man is showing the world the meaning and importance of sustainable travel. The Man on the River Project is following Giacomo de Stefano as he rows his way across Europe. Traveling across ancient and near-forgotten waterways Giacomo will traverse the rivers, canals, and locks linking London to Istanbul.

Together with a rotating team of friends and helpers, both on board and on shore, Giacomo will travel through 15 countries and 5,200km across Europe on a rowing adventure to raise awareness about the importance of rivers both to the environment and to human culture.

Giving Back in Ometepe: Entiende's Life Changing Travel EcoService Tours Offer More than Sightseeing

Hard at work under the Nicaraguansun a group of men and women, aged 20 to mid 70’s works, bent over, beating soil filled bags together as they build a home. This isn’t what you think, these people may be working hard but they are also on vacation.

Sunrise over the Louisianna salt marshes. Photo by Kathleen Broadhurst.
Sunrise over the Louisianna salt marshes. Photo by Kathleen Broadhurst.

If travel has become nothing more than sight-see, shop, eat, repeat as necessary, then you might be in the market for change. Many people travel but few people really get to understand a culture, a place, or even themselves. For many what is missing from their travels is purpose.

Entiende EcoService Adventures is all about purpose, determined to give back, get connected and get inspired, this is a different sort of travel, a travel where you learn more about yourself, the culture and help others, all in the name of fun and the spirit of adventure.

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The colorful cloths tied around this tree mark it as ordained as a "monk" by locals in order to protect it from being cut down in Kanchanaburi Thailand. Photo by Kathleen Broadhurst.
The colorful cloths tied around this tree mark it as ordained as a "monk" by locals in order to protect it from being cut down in Kanchanaburi Thailand. Photo by Kathleen Broadhurst.

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