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Stephen Hartshorne
Stephen Hartshorne

Stephen Hartshorne: A Literary Traveler

Stephen Hartshorne is the associate editor of He writes a blog called ArmchairTravel about books he finds at flea markets and rummage sales

Below are links to all his stories on GoNOMAD:

The Boston Boy Visits Dublin: "Wicked Brilliant!"

It's always a thrill for a Boston boy to visit Ireland, but to visit Dublin on St. Patrick's Day, and to ride with the other international reporters in a bus at the head of the parade... to hear Seamus Heaney and 30 other great Irish writers read their work at the new convention center... and to attend The Commitments' 20-year anniversary concert in their hometown... this was truly the trip of a lifetime.

I saw the President twice and the Lord Mayor twice, dined at splendid restaurants and walked the cobblestone streets of this eminently walkable city where pilgrims come from all over the world.

I felt this ancient city open its heart to me, the taxi drivers and the barkeeps and the people I met in the street -- and I found this incredibly moving. I felt I was among thousands and thousands of kindred spirits in the spiritual and cultural center of the great Irish diaspora.

Back in Boston, I'd have to be careful not to go on about it too long, for fear it would be said I was putting on airs.


An Invitation from the Cherokee Nation: Rediscover America

Painting by Sam Watts-Scott at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, part of Cherokee Entertainment Inc.
Cherokee Nation

Maybe I'm dating myself here, but back in my day, young people slaved away at summer jobs to scrounge up enough money to buy some sort of vehicle and set off in search of America. Families often set off together on the same sort of quest, and I'm all for it. I think our country should be rediscovered and reinvented by each new generation.

There's not much question about which road to take. Route 66 has established itself in story and song as the quintessential American highway.

When you do set off down Route 66 to rediscover America, I suggest you make a stop at the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. The Cherokee have been here a lot longer than most of us new arrivals, and they can give you a whole new perspective on American history.


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Stephen Hartshorne

A Walking Tour of Tallinn Photos by Stephen Hartshorne A The Lower Town
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