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Why did the giraffes cross the road? Find out in Kenya. Giraffes in MombasaWhy did the giraffes cross the road? Find out in Kenya. Giraffes in Mombasa

Top Ten Travel 'Tails':
Our Favorite Animal Stories

Riding elephants in Thailand, searching for giraffes on safari in Kenya, catching glimpses of tropical birds in Malaysia, travel just wouldn’t be the same without the furry and feathered citizens of the world. GoNOMAD has the stories right from the horse's mouth about where to go to see, hold, ride and help animals around the world.

1. Kenya: Nairobi to Mombasa: Kenya’s Safari Trail

Sitting at the top of many a traveler’s wish list is the African safari. Tsavo West combined with Tsavo East make up the largest reserve in Kenya. With Giraffes, monkeys, hippos and crocodiles this is the place to go on safari. Encounter tusked elephants and a pride of lions, various other species may cross your path and baboons laugh at the people snapping photos. Get your camera ready the Park’s views are stunning and the animals are ready for their close-up. READ MORE

2. Malaysia: “Wild” Malaysia: Orangutans, Birds, Monkeys and Elephants, in Accessible Environments

The lush jungles of Malaysia are home to a diverse array of wildlife. Orangutans, exotic birds, elephants and monkeys all call the forest home. Borneo and Sumatra are the only places on earth where Orangutans live and today they are an endangered species.

Great hornbills dot the trees of the KL Bird Park and monkeys cleverly pick the nuts out of visitor’s offerings and scatter what’s left on the ground. This story will transport you to a wild world full of surprises and beauty and have you moving Malaysia up on your bucket list. READ MORE

3. South Africa: Oudtshoorn, South Africa: Ostrich Rides and Animal Encounters

Grab hold of this story and get taken for a ride on the back of an ostrich. South Africa has plenty of cool animals and many people come to this southern country for a glimpse (or a bite) of them. Ostriches can be mean buggers, they aren’t particularly cuddly, and they rarely elicit the “awwww” reactions that many of South Africa’s animals do. Of course neither do crocodiles, but this intrepid author swims with those too. This is one story that you may be glad you are on the other side of the screen for. READ MORE

A working donkey pulls a vegetable cart in Egypt. Volunteers can help rehabilitate working animals with ACE.A working donkey pulls a vegetable cart in Egypt. Volunteers can help rehabilitate working animals with ACE.

4. Animal Care in Egypt: Working for Working Animals.

Put the camera down and get your hands dirty helping animals in the valley of the Nile. In Egypt, as elsewhere, animals imbue a place with their character, the bull pulling a cart, the horse hauling wood, scenes from across the world.

But often animals are seen more as tools that will work until they die than as feeling creatures. Suffering from abuse, malnutrition or neglect the lucky ones wind up in places like ACE (Animal Care Egypt). Here’s a story about doing the people doing what they can to help. READ MORE

5. Dartmoor, England: Preserving an Ancient Man-Made Wilderness

Several steps removed from the wildness of an African safari this article about the comely animals of England's countryside is endearing as it is pertinent. Dartmoor, one of the last remaining wilderness areas of the UK, is under threat. Its farms and native breeds are in decline, and before long the few remaining farmers may have to give up as costs rise and demand for their produce dwindles. Tourism may just be the animals’ saving grace. Travel along past babbling brooks and quite meadows full of sheep to a land that time has almost forgotten and meet its enchanting inhabitants. READ MORE

6. Tigers, Elephants and Jungle Trekking in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

In Thailand get up close and personal with temple tigers and sacred elephants, the iconic animals of Asia. Animals lazily relaxing around with monks crouching nearby, like a scene out of a novel. Here you can get in the cage and see cubs in action or ride elephants through monsoon heavy water. Trek up the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi where 7 tires of waterfalls pour over cool blue limestone. Then in case you are board, you can do some whitewater rafting. This is a jungle adventure!

In Ely visitors to the International Wolf Center can learn about and spy on these amazing canines.In Ely visitors to the International Wolf Center can learn about and spy on these amazing canines.

7. Howling with the Wolves in Ely, Minnesota

Welcome to Ely, Minnesota where over the course of a long weekend, you can howl with wolves, sail a lake in search of eagles and view bears in the wild. This is one destination not to be missed. Visit the International Wolf Center where they advance the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wild lands and the human role in their future. You can also spot bears in the wildlife sanctuary and maybe even snap a shot of an eagle. Another must-stop for wildlife lovers. READ MORE

8. Ecotourism in Portugal Mingling with the Storks and Dolphins of the Sado

Europe is not a major destination for North American ecotourists, who assume that Europe’s wildlife was killed off centuries ago. In reality Europe still has important wildlife populations that Europeans care deeply about. Of the coast of Portugal dive into an aquatic adventure as you sail in search of dolphins. Follow them as they swim to sea. On land keep an eye for storks that build their nests high in buildings and trees. Ecotourism is an important both to the local economy and to the animal populations who depend on human awareness for their protection. READ MORE

9. Tracking Elephants in Namibia

Welcome to Namibia, where thanks to the Earthwatch Institute visitors can stay in isolated field camps in one Africa’s most spectacular and stark landscapes, volunteers work in the company of giraffes, gemsbok, springbok, and the livestock of local herders. The real treat is of course the eleplants and volunteers come from around the world to help track, tag and assist in fieldwork. They help identify individual elephants and monitor their behavior. All of this information is used to help conservation agencies manage the unique elephants of Namibia. In this remote desert the going is tough, read along and get inspired. READ MORE

A temple tiger lays down for a pet in Kanchanaburi Thailand.A temple tiger lays down for a pet in Kanchanaburi Thailand.

10. “Humanitourism” Offers a Greek Adventure and Help for Animals in Need

For anyone who has done some traveling the images of streets dogs and cats will conjure up memories. For animal lovers especially, who pamper their pets and consider them like family, seeing dislocated, homeless or abandoned animals is a shadow side to any beautiful city. Now in Greece a Colorado based organization is trying to help combat the problem of street animal overpopulation. Travel to Zagoria region to provide hands-on help to a project that desperately needs outside assistance, and give back to those animals in need.READ MORE

Runners Up: These three stories were too good to leave behind.

Animal Interactions: Making Responsible Travel Decisions All about responsible programs that provide resources for conservation, and for local communities, and promote awareness of the plight of endangered species.

Equitrekking Mini-Guide: Off the Bus and into the SaddleGrab the reigns of adventure and get ready for the time of your life! How to have a riding vacation in destinations from Colorado to Jordan.

Namibia's Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary: Noah's Ark in the Desert Harnas Wildlife Sanctuary is the only one of its kind in Africa. It runs a working guest program especially designed to fulfill eco-tourists dreams of working in the wild.

Kathleen Broadhurst.Kathleen Broadhurst.



Compiled by Kathleen Broadhurst a freelance travel writer and photographer. She writes Travel Vicarious a blog about alternative travel for funky people.


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