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Women's Travel

In the Victorian era, adventurous women who traveled solo or together were looked upon as "unusual."

Thankfully, those days are over, and today, the world of women's travel is wide open.

You'll find a range of options for travelers in the articles below that appeal to every kind of woman. The possibilities are unlimited and we hope that these stories inspire your next journey!

Women's Travel Articles

How to Climb Mt. Blanc in a Skirt: A Handbook for The Lady Adventurer

Ojai, California: A Weekend With the Gals

St. George, Utah: The Red Rocks are Calling Me Back

A Girlfriend Getaway in Glacier Country, Montana

Inka Piegsa-Quischotte: Sharing Her Love of Travel

GoNOMAD's Top Ten Women-Only Tour Companies

Jamu in Java: Lessons From The Grandmothers of Indonesia

Mother-Daughter Duo Discover 'The Alchemy of Travel'

The Lost Girl Phenomenon: Finding a Cure for the Quarter-Life Crisis

The Lost Girls and the Wander Year

Solo Travel Hang-Ups and How to Fix Them

A Woman's Life in Jordan: The Joys and the Hassles

Why We Can't Stop Talking About Eat, Pray, Love

Women with Wanderlust Pen Exciting, Daring Travel Tales

California: Hiking Palm Springs' Indian Canyon

Go Green, Girlfriends! 10 Earth-Friendly Getaways

Daytripping in Venice Beach, California

Roz SavageRoz Savage rowing across the Pacific in her specially-built 24-foot rowboat.

South African Safari Tours: The Next Step in Women's Travel

A Mass Wedding in Northern Pakistan

Love the One You're With: How to Travel Together Without Killing Each Other

Temecula, California: A Girlfriend Getaway Where the Sun Shines Through the Mist

Roz Savage Update: Rowing Across the Pacific

100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go

Isabella Bird: Intrepid Solo Women's Travel

In Search of History in Samos, Greece

Montréal Has That Je Ne Sais Quoi

Kidding Season: Three Days on a Massachusetts Goat Farm
Overlook Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts. Photo by Liisa Ecola.

Micro-Lending Programs Help the Forgotten Women of Laos

Las Vegas Spas: Why Gamble When You Can Relax?

Cowgirls & Mustangs: Riding the High Desert in California's Surprise Valley

Leech Lake, Minnesota: Finding My Inner Fisherwoman

Eurynome Journeys: In Search of Ancient Goddesses and Pirate Queens

A Three-Generation Moms' Getaway on Cape Cod

Jasper, Alberta: A Great Girlfriend Getaway

The Future of Women's Travel: More Adventure, Less Shopping

North Wales: Rock-Climbing in Snowdonia

Sweetheart Sites of Seattle

Fun in the Mud at Sarawak's Rainforest World Music Festival

A beach in Mauritius - photo by Susan McKeeA beach in Mauritius - photo by Susan McKee

The Island of the Eccentrics: Belly Dancing in Hydra, Greece

Argentina: Horseback Riding and Kayaking in Patagonia

Delicious Mauritius: Vanilla Tea and Coconut Therapy

A Luxurious Girlfriend Getaway in London

British Columbia's Harrison Hot Springs: The Perfect Girlfriend Getaway

Pack Your Lipstick: New Guidebooks Target Women Travelers

Traveling Tokyo Solo: What Every Woman Should Know

Girls on the Go: More Books by Women With Wanderlust

Portugal's Silver Coast: The Perfect Women-Only Tour

Birdwatching in West Marin, California: One Woman’s Journey to the Edge of the Lagoon

Wanderlust and Lipstick: The Skinny on Traveling Solo

Niger: A Visit to the Fortune Teller

A flower vendor in Vietnam - photo by Lisa LubinA flower vendor in Vietnam - photo by Lisa Lubin

Q & A With Lisa Lubin

Rafting Peru's Cotahuasi River: One Woman's Whitewater Adventure

Kashgar, China: Auntie Val's Magic Carpet Ride

A Women-Only Bike Trip in Vietnam

Skiing Utah: A Four-Day Women-Only Getaway

Granny Goes to Greenland

Women’s Tales of Courage and Adventure: Seeking Submissions

Rowing Around the World: One Woman's Odyssey

Women-Only Tours: Finding Freedom and Forming Friendships

Madam, Have You Ever Really Been Happy? An Intimate Journey through Africa and Asia

Yukon Women's Expeditions: Enjoying the Beauty of the Wilderness

New Website Offers Travel Tips for Divorced Women

Canoeing the the Yukon - photo by Emily Morse

“Ciao, Bella” A Warm Welcome in Sicily b>

Jen Leo: Bra, Panties and Talent

Ten Women Travel Books We Like

Seven Tips for the Virgin Journalist--from Guava Magazine

Travel Chic: How to Refurbish Vintage Luggage

Book Excerpt: Traveling Alone: A Woman's Voice

Traveling to Europe with a Pet

Baltimore: Following the Trail of John Waters

Useful Advice for Woman Travelers: Twenty Tips for Your First Soft Adventure

Smoking Spirits: A Women’s Ceremony In Cuba

Threads of Sisterhood: Weaving With Women In Guatemala

Boating in Srinigar. Photo by David Rich.

Kick It Up: Women’s Kickboxing In Thailand

Road Mama: Driving an Overland Truck Is A Woman’s Job

Tribes and Tribulations: Baring It All In A Moroccan Hammam

Rethinking Royalty: Meeting a Bhutanese Princess

Study A Broad?: Learning the Trade at Amsterdam’s Prostitution Information Center

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Womens Travel

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Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary in Ghana. photo by Jessica Festa. Women's Travel
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