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Learn to salsa in Cuba!
Waterfalls, Salsa, Pub-Crawls and Dog Sledding: Top Picks for Island Touring


The Garden of Eden
Venture into the heart of Dominica, "The Nature Island of the Caribbean." Ken’s Hinterland Adventures will take you deep into Dominica’s lush rainforest to pools of crystal water and natural mineral baths where you can soak your cares away and frolic under cascading waterfalls. On Ken’s To Ti Tour you scramble over boulders, hiking up a forgotten river and swimming through steep canyon walls to a freshwater waterfall hidden inside the gorge. Ken’s offers tours for travelers of various fitness levels from several hours to several days long.

Salsa in the Sand
If a week of white sand beaches and Salsa dancing day and night sounds like a dream come true, consider Tambó Cuba's Salsa at the Beach tour. Classes for every level dancer from aspiring to expert are provided by Cuba’s most recognized artists. The tour combines one class a day with coached practice, and relaxing and exploring the island solo or with Tambó. In the evening, the Cuban clubs pulse with island rhythms and provide an excellent opportunity to put the day’s lessons to use. If dancing isn't enough, stay an extra week for Afrocuban Folkloric Dance and Drum. Dates for the dancing are March 26-April 2.

  • Archaeology and Ale
    Combine visits to many of Britain and Scotland's most extraordinary and often missed ancient sites with a walking tour of British pubs. Far Horizons cultural pub-crawl, Through the Glass Darkly, lets you experience the region past and present. The route winds through the back roads of the British Isles, with frequent stops and lots of local interaction. Accommodations are in traditional pubs and inns, which offer delightful regional cuisine and an excellent sampling of British bitters, ports and stouts.
  • Arctic Adventures
    Dog sledding is a way of life in the northern latitudes. Try it in Thule, the northernmost original inhabited place in the world. Many of Thule’s 900 inhabitants still live traditionally, hunting walrus, polar bear and narwhale by dogsled. Through Greenland Travel, you can be one of the few visitors to this polar paradise on a nine-day dog sled tour of Thule and Qaanaq. Greenland Travel provides the bearskin outerwear for your warmth. Tour includes transfer from Copenhagen. Accommodations range from primitive cabins to hotels with hot water.
  • Communities of Samoa
    Join Eco-Tour Samoa on one of their incredible Samoan Adventures. Visit 5 different Samoan islands in 7 days, live in fales on the beach, visit rural villages, and have your tourist dollars go towards helping villagers pay for their school fees, build a rainwater tank, employ local workers and other sustainable projects. Support community tourism in the islands. All-inclusive from US$137 a day! Budget from US$20! Special GoNOMAD Discount.,
  • Private Patagonia
    For a taste of traditional Chile, leave the mainland with Austral Adventures and set sail for Chiloé. Austral Adventures offers unique 6 and 7-day trips exploring Chiloé and the surrounding islands. Visit the Humbolt and Magallenic penguins and traditional fishing communities, and sample traditional Chilean Asados (barbecues) on the beach. You can drive from the Chilean mainland to Chiloé, but you can only get to the magnificent fjords, hot springs and private beaches of Chiloé and the surrounding islands aboard the Cahuella, Austral Adventures private yacht with a gourmet chef in residence. Experience the snowcapped volcanoes and other breathtaking scenery of Chile by land and by sea with Austral Adventures.





Island Touring

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Waterfalls, Salsa, Pub-Crawls and Dog Sledding: Top Picks for Island Touring
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