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I first stepped into Prague’s Wenceslas Square in the summer of 1991. Then -- fresh out of high school and surrounded by at least 20 fellow members of a choir touring Europe, with film footage of the ’89 Velvet Revolution emblazoned in my memory -- I made my way up to the statue of Wenceslas on his horse in my own world. I was already hooked.

Later during that same stay, I got terribly lost in the massive antiquity of the Prague Castle after our group’s tour and shortly before we were supposed to sing a concert.

Trips to Czech Republic

I chalked it up to the confusingly narrow medieval streets and the multiple staircases leading down from the Castle’s perch on the hill. I think now that I was already trying to find a way to stay in Prague.

In the next four years, I found ways to make it back to the city as often as I could -- and generally managed to ensure that I was forced to stay longer than I planned. On New Year’s Eve 1993, I lost my passport at the main Prague train station on the way to Vienna. No embassy will replace your passport on New Year’s Eve -- or New Year’s Day, or even for two days after that if an accident of the calendar has the 31st landing on a Thursday.

While I definitely do not recommend losing your passport -- it’s a frightening experience that will put a crimp in your travel plans and make your life needlessly difficult -- I wasn’t exactly crushed to have to spend four unscheduled days in Prague.

After 1995, my visits dropped off. I was in graduate school, studying the region and learning the language, and once I graduated, the two weeks of vacation allotted in the "real world" just weren’t sufficient for trips to see parents and in-laws and to indulge my need to lose myself in the Czech Republic.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to get back, and this time, I didn’t want to stay just an extra four days. So in the summer of 1999, my husband and I decided that the next summer, we would quit our jobs in Amherst, Massachusetts and move to Prague -- and in July of 2000, we did just that.

That’s when I finally discovered Prague in all its splendor -- and frustration. READ MORE

Czech Republic

Waterfall of roots, Certovy Skaly in Wallachia, Czech Republic. Photo by Melinda
Peaceful views from Pulcinske Skaly in Wallachia, Czech Republic. Photo by Melinda Brasher
The natural beauty of Pulcinske Skaly in Wallachia, Czech Republic. Photo by Melinda
A Hunting Mushrooms in Wallachia A big handful of mushrooms picked in Wallachia, Czech Republic
Czech families climbing Certovy Skaly in Wallachia, Czech Republic Photo by Melinda Brasher
A A jouster in the Five Petalled Rose Festival in Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic
The steel tubs are filled with beer at this spa in the Czech Republic. Eric Goodman photos. Steeped
A A wine tasting in Moravia in the Czech Republic The Savor of the Sun: A Wine Tasting
Brasher. Click on photo to enlarge. Kuks, Czech Republic: Eerie Remains of Past Glory
and a half north of Vienna, this spotless village in the Czech Republic territory of Moravia flirts
The Promise of Prague: Life in the Czech Republic Challenges and Charms
in the Czech Republic. When a site receives the highly prestigious UNESCO World Heritage status, itAs

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