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New York City Hotel Reviews

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Micro-Hotels Let You Decide What’s Worth Paying For

Anyone planning a trip can likely attest to the fact that a lean economy can change travel plans. Suddenly, a lavish escape seems harder to justify. Budgeting assumes a larger role in vacation planning.

If that continues to remain true, The Pod Hotel is unusually well situated to handle any imminent financial turmoil. Two things back up that statement.

First, New York City will always command a huge presence as a destination for both international and domestic travel, and it is hard to imagine a time when people stop wanting to visit — no matter how bad the economy gets. Second, The Pod is a great value.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, The Pod offers an uncommon and impressive blend of bare-bones pragmatism and purposefully stylish character.

The “bare-bones” relates to the hotel’s tiny rooms, its shared bathrooms, and its correspondingly low prices; the “character” relates to the design and décor. The words “shoestring-chic” seem unavoidable when describing The Pod’s lobby and rooms.

It was the bacon-egg-and-cheese on sesame that won me over for good. Two days in a row I started my explorations into the neighborhoods of New York City by sitting and eating this breakfast fourteen or so stories above 51st Street on the rooftop deck of The Pod Hotel. READ MORE

New York

Pinaki Chakraborty on top of Gertrude's nose on the Shawangunk Ridge in upstate New York
New York State's picture perfect farmlands. Photo by Pinaki Chakraborty. Click on photo
of New York HarborA

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New York City Hotel Reviews Read more about New York City on GoNOMAD Micro-Hotels Let
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