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Having just returned from four weeks in Cuba, three of which were spent in Havana, I would like to share with GoNOMAD readers the wonderful opportunity to enjoy and discover a rich and diverse culture, at less-than-Motel 6 prices!

One can spend less in Cuba, if the old college-hippie-backpacker-sleep-on-the-floor days appeal to your sense of nostalgia. One can certainly spend a lot more, if the days of decadent-Mafia-Tropicana-drinking-gambling-sin-and-sun-days appeal to your bulging wallet.

However, $50 a day in Havana can provide a very comfortable vacation, in a style which will not only appeal to your needs for American creature comforts, but also allow you to get a taste of the true Cuba of today.

Getting There

Ah, that can be tricky. While it is not illegal for Americans to visit Cuba, it is illegal to spend money there, as that is a violation of the trade embargo. (Did you know that John F. Kennedy stocked his humidor full of Havana cigars the day before the embargo was to begin!?!) It certainly pays to plan ahead in Camelot.

Going in the front door, I was able to get to Cuba legally by obtaining a State Department authorization for Cuban-born American citizens to visit family. Other legal avenues include medical and missionary trips, sports and cultural exchanges, authorized university classes, etc. All of these can be expensive, as much as $2000 per week. READ MORE



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