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Mention the island of Oahu to the average person, and the name conjures up images of the beach at Waikiki, that romantic scene in "From Here to Eternity," and hula dancers with undulating hips at a well-stocked luau. But, this Hawaiian island has much more to offer for the alternative tourist

Mauka Makai Excursions, a tour company that was established in January 1998, focuses on Hawaiian cultural, historic and ecological perspectives. Their off-the-beaten-track tours offer visitors a glimpse of legendary places and sacred sites that are seldom listed in the average tour guides.

Dominic Kealoha Ahi, the co-owner of Mauka Makai Excursions, takes visitors on walks ranging from relaxed to more demanding, and in the process, gives them a fascinating insight into unknown Oahu.

Travelers typically visit archaeological sites while trekking through imposing mountains and verdant valleys, and view sacred stones, waterfalls, ancient temples and much more amid breathtaking vistas. Upon request, Mauka Makai guides can also arrange custom activities ranging from evening torch fishing to day hikes in remote, lesser-traveled areas.

Dominic arrived at our hotel in the morning, and after a 15-minute drive, we were transported into another world. Just off the Pali Highway, we followed the Old Pali Trail. Instead of trendy boutiques and glitzy hotels, we were surrounded by exotic trees. READ MORE



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