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Jamaica is billed as the sunshine island and the home of reggae legend, Bob Marley and to the younger generation it is the homeland of Sean Paul. You only have to see the to-die-for adverts that show you blue skies, blue water and sandy stretches of beaches that lure you to this Caribbean paradise.

Here you can stay at the popular all-inclusive resorts such as the couples only Sandals Resort to the eco-friendly hotels and of course the remote getaways for that romantic seclusion. Its beautiful natural coastline offers varying beaches from the rugged hiking pathways to the long stretches of silver sands.

When to go

The best time to go is in November to April when it is the dry season, which fortunately coincides with Spring break. Otherwise, if you are thinking of trying to fit it into the kid’s summer holidays May to October are part of the rainy season. However, that doesn’t mean it rains all the time, it just means it’s more likely to have rain.

How to get there

Air Canada, Air Caribbean, Air Jamaica, Air Martinique, Air Sunshine, ALM, American Airlines, American Trans Air, British Airways, BWIA, Cayman Airways, Continental Airways, Delta Air, Martin Air, Northwest Airlines, Sky King and US Airways.

Getting around

Trying to get around Jamaica on a bus is an inexpensive mode of transport, however it is also somewhat chaotic, as they tend to run on their own time and not according to the scheduled timetable.

You can rent a car but please note that this will really be a test of your driving skills as the tendency in the Caribbean is to drive “how yuh feel.” You’ll notice that honking your car horn marks different things – from the obvious get out the way to the less obvious - saying hello to a friend on the road.

You can take to the high seas on a rented yacht or boat charter to see the coastline of Jamaica . Although be warned the sun does seem that bit more hotter out at sea. READ MORE


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