Volunteering in Ghana

A young boy in Ghana. photo: Cross-Cultural Solutions.

A young boy in Ghana. photo: Cross-Cultural Solutions.

How You Can Help Save the World in Ghana

By Eben Mensah
Development Director, Save the Earth Network

Save the Earth Network is a Ghana-based NGO dedicated to promoting sustainable development, agro-forestry, environmental conservation, international solidarity and cultural immersion through voluntary work, eco-tourism and cultural tourism in Ghana.

We aim at contributing positively to help reduce poverty,
hunger, malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, drug abuse, unemployment, and environmental degradation which are increasingly becoming the order of the day in most parts of the developing world. We are a membership-based organization and also a networking tool for environmental, social and economic
development activists.

The organization was formed in 1998. Meaningful programs has been the hallmark of our organization since its inception,offering travelers from abroad the most socially responsible, exciting and affordable alternative to mass tourism.

“Save the Earth Network” work in parnership with groups, individuals, institutions,churches and other organizations in Ghana that are into developmental activities. We assist organize weekly three-day General Tourism for our interested volunteers. We assist organize eco-tourism and Adventure travel programs and welcome people to join them. GENERAL INFORMATION ON GHANA Ghana is a country on Africa’s west coast. Ghana’s area is 92,099 square miles. Along much of the coast streches a sandy, grass-and-shrub-covered plain. Behind it rises a moderately high plateau broken by forested hills and steep ridges. Ghana has a tropical climate. Temperatures generally ranges from 70 to 90. Except for a small European and Asian minorities Ghanaians are Negroes of many tribes. In 1995 the population was 18 million. Most Ghanaians are christians but there are many moslems and others who hold animist beliefs. English is a principal language
in Ghana. VOLUNTARY WORK PROGRAM We offer volunteer placements in in Ghana in areas that includes renovation and construction of school buildings and libraries for poor rural communities, teaching children enlish language and caring for them in foster homes and orphanages and also in schools, HIV/AIDS prevention education, re-aforestation (environmental conservation) and agroforestry through tree planting; organic farming, women’s vocational training and primary health care work and other community development programs; and christian evangelism. Volunteers could participate in most of
the volunteer programs at all year round.

No special skills, qualifications or previouse experience is
required of volunteers in most of the programs. All that is required of them is motivation, charisma, initiative, drive and the compassion to assist the underpriviledged overcome their challenges and their struggle for dignity.

Volunteers can participate in most of the programs from a period of 4 weeks to 52 weeks or more. The cost of participating in the voluntary work program is US$250 for 4 weeks. Payment is made a day after their participation starting time and when they are in Ghana.

We offer 25 percent discount on the cost of volunteers who would like to participate for a period of more than eight weeks. The discount begins to take effect after the 56th day of their particpation. The costs paid by the participants goes into their board and lodging, administrative expences of our organization and our projects.

Volunteers working days a week is four (Mondays to Thursdays) and their working hours a day is two or more depending on them. Volunteers stays with host families. Piped water and electricity are mostly available. A private room and bed is provided to each volunteer. HOLIDAY/CULTURAL PROGRAM We arrange for people to stay with host families for a holiday, cultural exchange,friendship, relaxation and recreation or to learn the local language,learning traditional drumming and dances and cooking the local food. The cost including board and lodging is US$250 for three or four weeks. There is a special discount costs for longer stays. participants can also join the
three-day weekly general tour group. GENERAL TOUR PROGRAM Three-day group tour is organized weekly (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)for volunteers who are or will be interested in touring some of the tourist attractions in Ghana. However, it is not compulsary for all volunteers to join the tour group. We usually designate a well experienced professional Tour Guide for each trip. The personal charge of the tour guide for the group is US$100 for three days and should be payed by the group. The group is also responsibled for
the cost of their transportation (bus), food (at resturants), accomodation (at hotels).The tour group usually numbers from 7 to 12 people.
ECO-TOURISM PROGRAM We organize unique eco-tourism programs in Ghana for our volunteers and visitors. Our eco-tourism focuses on local cultures, wilderness adventures, personal growth and learning new ways to live in our vulnerable planet. We focus on travelling to destinations where the floral, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Our responsible eco-tourism include programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment, and
enhanced the cultural integrity of local people.

Therefore, in addition to evaluation environmental and cultural factors, our initiatives promote recycling, energy efficiency, water reuse, and the creation of economic opportunities for local communities. This is an integral part of eco-tourism.

Areas of eco-tourism which we cover includes small group hiking, river rafting and canoeing, villages and beaches, culture and photo tours, traditional stories, historic sites, traditional drumming and dances, traditional houses, trekking,animal sanctuaries,nature tourism, exotic natural habitats,scenes of spectacular natural beauty etc. the cost of joining is US$200 a week including food (at resturants) and accomodation (at hotels)and transportation (bus)and professional tour guide’s charge.

Participants experiences rich cultural immersion and unique hospitality. It is fun, worthwhile and

People who would like to participate in any of our programs should please complete the registration form and they will hear from us again concerning their participation. They should contact: Edgar Asare or Eben Mensah at Save the Earth Network,P.O. Box CT 3635, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana. West Africa. Tel:233-21-667791, Fax:233-21-669625.
Email: ebensten@yahoo.com or sten@gppo.africaonline.com.gh
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