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Mui Ne, Vietnam: A Photo Essay - Page Three


Mui Ne, Vietnam


We made our way upriver, following what was called the Fairy Spring. At first, we walked through greenery on both banks, but soon the trees fell away on one side, revealing the source of the red sand. Burnt-red canyon walls of soft, crumbling rock rose into the air. On occasion, the canyon walls gave way to different rock formations that were eerily white next to the red, red sand.


Mui Ne, Vietnam


Shady spots were few and far between. So were other tourists. We started wondering whether or not we’d been sent down a blind trail. The red sand stream just kept stretching on and on. Where was this waterfall?

Mui Ne, Vietnam


We caught sight of a trail leading up one of the river banks and guessed we were to take it. Finally, finally, we found some shade. And we finally found the waterfall. Sadly, it was an unimpressive dribble that we couldn’t see because so much vegetation was growing about it. We turned around and headed right back down that red, red river.


Mui Ne, Vietnam


The next stop on our tour was an area of enormous sand dunes. We watched the dunes approach from the back of the Jeep. They glistened in the strong, afternoon sun. Sometimes they twinkled diamond white; other times they glowed a deep auburn. The dunes rose up out of — in all seriousness — the middle of nowhere and occupied the far side of a sapphire blue lake.


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