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Mui Ne, Vietnam: A Photo Essay - Page Two

We woke with the sun in Mui Ne and walked for miles on the beach, which we had mostly to ourselves.


The beach in Mui Ne. Vietnam


After our beach combing, we’d lounge and gaze at the horizon. Eventually, the sun would get the better of us, and we’d head for a dip. The waves were pretty rough and we were glad for our collective comfort with the water. 


The beach in Mui Ne. Vietnam


While the mornings were calm and tranquil, the wind began to whip every afternoon, kicking up sand and making the lounge chairs on the beach a little less pleasant. But a fair number of Mui Ne’s tourists relish the typically windy afternoons.   


The beach in Mui Ne. Vietnam


Sporty, sun-kissed surfer-types slip into wetsuits, hook up their bodies to parachutes, and head into the high waves for an adrenalin-pumped version of kite sailing.


The beach in Mui Ne. Vietnam


After two days of all-inclusive, resort-style vacationing, we figured we should get out of our swimsuits and see the world beyond the gates. A Jeep whisked us from the hotel strip and dropped us off at a red river. The driver pointed up the river, dug out a brochure from his pocket and pointed to a picture of a waterfall. We were to walk up the river and find this sight. We rolled up our pants, hopped in the water and were surprised to find it wasn’t very deep.

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