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Denmark and Sweden Gallery - Page Four

Photos by Paul Shoul

Statue in Copenhagen
Statue in Copenhagen

Statue at Kronborg Castle
Statue at Kronborg Castle

Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli Gardens

Kronborg Castle
Kronborg Castle

Twisted Torso, Malmo
Twisted Torso, Malmo

Black Diamong Royal Library, Copenhagen
Black Diamong Royal Library, Copenhagen



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Paul Shoul

Paul Shoul is GoNOMAD's Principal Photographer. His work appears in Northampton's
Valley Advocate, Preview Magazine, and numerous other publications.

A mask at a festival in Taiwan Visit our Paul Shoul Page with links to all his stories.
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Photos of Denmark and Sweden By Paul Shoul Couple in Malmo, Sweden
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Norway and Sweden. Copenhagen is on the eastern coast of Denmark. Why Go? Denmark is one
and Sweden. Helsingor is the closest Danish city to Sweden. The Cities of Helsingor, Denmark and Helsingborg


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