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International Volunteering Does a

Making bread in Sierra Leone.

World of Good

GoNOMAD Helps Section is a list of links to stories about volunteering all over the world. From helping street kids in India to cleaning up an oil spill in Korea, GoNOMAD writers describe their volunteeer experiences These stories are about helping others, protecting the environment, preserving historic sites and generally making the world a better place.Some of our writers have taken a year off to work on volunteer programs around the world. Some have worked for a few months or a few weeks. Our goal is to provide our readers list with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities -- something for everyone.

Check out some of the projects and organizations where our writers have taken the time to make a difference:

Asaafa, Ghana: Take a Vacation, Make a Difference
Volunteering in Kenya: An Unforgettable Opportunity
Volunteering in Zambia: 'This is the Growing'
Giving Back to Israel: Volunteering With Ethiopian-Israeli Communities
From Darkness into Light: How Ponheary Ly Emerged from Cambodia's Killing Fields
Volunteering Does a World of Good: GoNOMAD Helps

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