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SKCV (Street Kids’ Community Villages) helps children in India

International Volunteering Does a World of Good

GoNOMAD Helps Section
is a list of links to stories about volunteering all over the world. From helping street kids in India to cleaning up an oil spill in Korea, GoNOMAD writers describe their volunteeer experiences.

These stories are about helping others, protecting the environment, preserving historic sites and generally making the world a better place.

Some of our writers have taken a year off to work on volunteer programs around the world. Some have worked for a few months or a few weeks. Our goal is to provide our readers list with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities -- something for everyone.

Check out some of the projects and organizations where our writers have taken the time to make a difference:

How Ponheary Ly Emerged from Cambodia's Killing Fields

Giving Back to Israel: Volunteering with Ethiopian-Israeli Communities

Volunteering in Zambia: 'This is the Growing'

Trekking Te Araroa, New Zealand's Newest & Longest Hiking Trail

Caring for the Rejected: Helping People with HIV/AIDS in Thailand

Building a House in Guatemala: The Gift of a Home

Volunteering in Kenya: An Unforgettable Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunities at the US Fish and Wildlife Service

People Helping People in Afghanistan: Marigold's Humanitarian Work

Poland: An Unlikely Volunteering Destination

Asaafa, Ghana: Take a Vacation, Make a Difference

From the Ritz to the Sands, Hotels Are Going Green

The Top Ten Volunteer Wildlife Conservation Programs in the US

Saving Endangered Sea Turtles on Mannai Island in Thailand

Micro-Lending Programs Help the Forgotten Women of Laos

Siem Reap, Cambodia: The Children in the Temples

Tanzania: Adventures of a Volunteer in Bomang'ombe

Humanitourism: Saving Dogs and Cats in Greece

Volunteers For Peace: Making Travel More Meaningful

Digging Up The Past in Utah's Flaming Gorge

Living Large and Giving Large: Promoting 'High-End' Travel Philanthropy

Korea: Pitching In to Clean Up An Oil Spill

Canada: A Summer in the Arctic

Thailand: Dada's Grand Plans for Helping Kids

Beanz 'n' Rice Volunteers: Havin' Fun, Helpin' Out in South America

The Planeterra Foundation: Helping the Children of Peru

Tracking Elephants in Namibia

Volunteering in Kenya: From the Safari to the Relief Station

Gorillas and Guerillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Working to Save South Africa's Chacma Baboons

Restoring Ancient Castles in France

Helping Street Kids in India

Volunteer in Vietnam Finds Spontaneity and Generosity

Building Trails, or Trying To, In Baikal, Siberia

"Voluntouring"- Doing Something More With Your Vacation

The Peace Corps: You May Not Love It But You Won't Forget It!

The Relief Riders in India: Bringing Food and Medical Supplies to Rajasthan, India

Relief Riders Help Rajasthan 

Global Good: Volunteering Your Way Around the World

WWOOFing on the Farm: Volunteering On An Organic Farm in New Zealand

Volunteering in Tanzania with Amizade

GoNOMAD MINI GUIDE:Volunteeringfor Relief Programs When the Teacher Becomes the Student

Remotely Connected: Volunteering in Kenya By Sean Maurer

GoNOMAD--Planting Trees in 90210

GoNOMAD feature: Volunteering in Nepal

Being Welcomed in Ghana: Volunteering with Schoolchildren

A Place to Play: Volunteering At A Summer Camp for Balkan Children

Saving Grace: An Eco-resort on Fiji’s Turtle Island takes Conservation Seriously

From Reefs to Raptors Top Picks For Programs That Help Islands Thrive

Top Programs that Support Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Mexico and Central America

Keeping Nepal Informed: The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project

Mountain Mercies The Mountain Institute Helps Mountain Cultures Around the World

Green Maps Chart the World for Everyone

Keeping Africa for Africans:The Masai Environmental Resource Coalition

Eco-Certification What Exactly Does It Take? GoNOMAD’s Guide To Responsible Travel


Can't find what you're looking for? Be sure to check our archives.

International Volunteering

When the Teacher Becomes the Student: Life Lessons through International Volunteering
Remotely Connected: Volunteering in Kenya By Sean Maurer Used by permission from Global Citizens
and the arts. Savoring a Saharan Spectacle: The International Festival of the Sahara, Douz, Tunisia
conservation, international solidarity and cultural immersion through voluntary work, eco-tourism
website for more information. Read more GoNOMAD stories about volunteering {s howgsearch Volunteering} A A
Apple Harvest in India Volunteering during the Harvesting Season Apples are packed into boxes
and rual areas in Kenya. Click on photo to enlarge. Volunteering in Kenya
. Volunteering in Zambia: 'This is the Growing' By AndrA(c)a Cabrita AI am the traveler
A Place to Play: Volunteering At A Summer Camp for Balkan Children By Rebecca Kraus
Volunteering in Kenya: From the Safari to the Relief Station By Nooshin Shabani As tourists
Volunteering in Nigeria: Burning Food and the Complexities of Saying AHelloA
to improve. Oracabessa is accessible by the international airports in Kingston and Montego Bay
Volunteering in Vietnam Finds Frankness, Spontaneity and Generosity By Megan Tady
Volunteering Destination By Beth Simmons When people think of volunteering abroad, they generally think
Citizens) From Chico to Nepal How Volunteering in a Tibetan refugee village changed my life

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