Borders Books Teams Up With Frommer’s

The new kiosks at Borders will put the resources of Frommer’s at customers’ fingertips.
The new kiosks at Borders will put the resources of Frommer's at customers' fingertips.

Travel Planning Made Easy

Determining where your next trip will take you requires a lot of planning. Where to go, when to go, how to go, who to go with and the list goes on.

Fortunately, residents of Ann Harbor, Michigan, and soon people all over the United States, will have the ability to answer many of these questions right at their fingertips.

Borders’ Trip Recommender

Borders Books has teamed up with Frommer’s, the world’s best known guidebook company, to make decision-making easier. If travel is in your future you can now plan out your entire destination from a book store!

Here’s the scoop – Borders Books will be installing new touch-screen travel kiosks called Borders Trip Recommenders – and from these kiosks not only can you figure out where your next journey will take you, but also what you will be doing once you arrive, by accessing an extensive calendar of activities, including festivals, concerts and sporting events.

You can even book your flight all at the same time. Summed up: It’s a one-stop travel shop.

A Company That’s Done It All

Frommer’s, the legendary guidebook featured in the movie, “Eurotrip,” has been the premiere guidebook company for years and now has gone above and beyond. Since their first release in 1957, Europe on $5 Dollars a Day, this revolutionary idea has skyrocketed.

Reaching an average of seven million travelers, their guidebooks are not only a great source of knowledge but a must-have for excellent travel tips, common and uncommon local information, hotels, hostels, etc.

Typical tourist attractions that bring in thousands of people are covered in these great books but are not the main focus.

Afraid of those tourist traps that suck in so many? Well fear no more! Frommer’s is the proud publisher of more than 300 different guides!

Arthur Frommer published ‘Europe on $5 a Day’ in 1957.
Arthur Frommer published 'Europe on $5 a Day' in 1957.

They have created something for just about every type of traveler – from the starving artist to the ultra chic sophisticate, those looking for an active outdoor journey, or the business man/woman looking to enjoy the five-star treatment. Frommer’s literally has everyone covered.

Glancing through one of their books is like diving into a well of knowledge and experience. You can find information about the depths of the jungle or the highest peaks of far-off mountains.

The whole idea behind the travel planning kiosks at Borders was “to provide their customers with travel planning tools, easy access to resources and expert recommendations regarding travel literature.”

I can personally attest to the usefulness of Frommer’s guidebooks. During my backpacking trip to Europe last summer, Frommer’s was my best friend. This book was literally a lifesaver many times.

As blasphemous as this may seem, on days traveling the countryside I would tear interesting pages out of the book and keep them tucked away in my pocket. It was such a great wealth of knowledge it helped me all along the way.

Not only did I use it while I was away, but I used it to research my destinations, plan day trips to certain hot spots, check out maps, and try to get a better understanding of local customs.

Frommer’s has published more than 300 guidebooks about destinations all over the world.
Frommer's has published more than 350 guidebooks to destinations all over the world.

Long story short, wherever I went, Frommer’s was there with me. Without it I would probably still be stuck in the metro station in the center of Prague, holding my head in my hands searching for my hostel!

Travel Itineraries Made Easy

I know as soon as I find one of these new kiosks I will be researching my next destination – Thailand.

If you already think you know where in the world you want to go, you can easily access all the information you need.

Customers can access information about the most sought-after destinations with the “Popular U.S. & International Destinations” feature, which provides accurate and candid Frommers data on more than 100 US and international destinations simply by choosing the location on a world map, or by selecting a region, city or country from a series of pull down menus.

It doesn’t stop there either, because once you know where you want to go the kiosks have an option on them to print out feature articles, search results and booking confirmations.

Can’t Travel Now?

Well that’s not a problem either. Those interested in just researching different locations across the globe can use the kiosks for book recommendations, DVDs and other helpful information sources.

Frommer's also publishes Budget Travel magazine

Kiosk Marketplace summed it up nicely in this quote: “Within the Travel Destination, the new concept store also offers customers travel programming on a large LCD screen that features a mix of travel tips, guided visual tours, author interviews, and nature programming from locations around the world.”

Oh the Possibilities…

Taking a trip to your local Borders Books store will now mean more than a leisurely day of coffee drinking and book browsing. Now you will be able to browse destinations, read up on them, book flights and still enjoy that cup of joe!

Throughout 2008, Borders Books will be adding their Trip Recommenders nationwide, perhaps even to a location near you.

So instead of poring over dust-covered maps and handmade travel itineraries, or consulting with your neighbor who traveled to Europe back before high speed trains, you can find reliable, up-to-date travel information all in one place.

These new kiosks can put all the resources of the world’s premier guidebook publisher at your fingertips to help you design just the kind of trip you’ve always wanted.

Megan Cross

Megan Cross is currently a Hospitality and Tourism major at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an intern for GoNOMAD. She has taught English in Spain, and traveled to Europe, Australia, and throughout the USA.

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