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The Italian Market in Philadelphia, subject of a travel video on
The Italian Market in Philadelphia, subject of a travel video on Travel Videos on the Internet

In this day and age it seems as if you can find out about virtually anything by simply going online. With one click you can read about pandas in China, the latest health scare, or what Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars.

That’s why it’s not surprising that the world of travel has moved online, away from travel agencies and thick travel guides that have you paying to read chapters you’re not even interested in. If you want to find out about the best city and hotel to stay in at Costa Rica, then book a flight, you can, and all in a matter of minutes due to the Worldwide Web.

The website is jumping on the internet-travel-info-bandwagon by providing a unique alternative to the once quintessential travel guide. is a website that features videos made specifically for the internet, chronicling destinations around the world.

The videos are made by filmmakers who live in the areas they are filming, so they are able to give informed, insiders’ perspectives into the locations they present.

The films usually focus on neighborhoods that wouldn’t ordinarily be featured in travel guides or magazines, but have just as much, if not more, to offer than the typical tourist hotspots. The website, says that their films portray “the people, culture, history, local businesses and political landscapes specific to each destination.”

Interview with the Founder

Brad Inman, founder of, explains how the internet is changing the travel industry for the better. “Due to videos being available you can show people the emotion and experience of certain places. You can show hidden gems that people may not be familiar with, that are hard to get across with data in guidebooks.”

Joe's Pizza on Bleeker Street.
Joe’s Pizza on Bleeker Street

Brad gave some great tips about where to find quality, info-packed, travel films in the conglomeration of cheap videos distributed across the web.

“Use search engines, especially Google, and you’ll find sites that specialize in internet video. Some of the best search engines are: Google,, aol, and Microsoft.

Some films focus on tourist spots in a way only a local can, and some focus on more exotic places.

“Exotic plays well on our site”, he explains. “The funkier sides of cities play well on our site as well. Good places to eat on film are also important, such as the film of Bleeker St. that highlights a great bakery and cheese shop.”

In terms of the future of internet video Brad is very positive. “It has really has taken off,” he says. “People can actually feel like they have visited the places that they have seen films about. You put up as many videos as possible”, Brad says, “because it enables people to go anywhere through film.”

Interview with Filmmaker Ry Russo-Young

Ry Russo-Young has always had a passion for photography and film. In fifth grade she acted in a play, and realized that she loved acting. Ry explains that after the play, her passion for film began as a “really organic process.” In high school Ry did a lot of photography, creating narratives with photos. Yet, she always wondered, “Why can’t the images move?” This thought prompted her to explore the world of filmmaking.

Cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery
Cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery

Ry found out about by scouting the website According to Ry, “put an ad on Shootingpeople looking for short filmmakers, and I checked it out and it looked cool.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Ry’s film, entitled “Bleecker St,” features the famed street located in Manhattan, NYC. Ry’s film features her showing viewers the sights of Bleecker St., while stopping to chat with locals along the way. Ry takes viewers inside a slew of shops including; Magnolia Bakery, Murray’s Cheese, and Joe’s Pizza, among others.

Ry explained that she chose Bleecker St. to do a film because, “It was an integral part of my childhood. I grew up four blocks away so I felt qualified to make a film on it.” Ry also mentioned that she has seen the street change. It has been going through “rapid transformation for the past five years.”

Ry says that in the future she plans to make more films for She currently has “two films in the works.” Ry comments that one film is about “a friend’s favorite spots on the East Side. It’s called “East Side Adventures — Anna’s Pic’s.”

Murray's Cheese Shop
Murray’s Cheese Shop

Interview with a Visitor to

Denny Teason, a visitor to the website, says that he “found out about the website through a friend, and thought I’d check it out.”

Denny said that his favorite film, which also inspired him to someday travel to its location, was the film entitled “Italian Market” which takes place in Philadelphia.

Denny explained that he loved the Italian Market film because he is Italian so he enjoys learning about Italian food and culture. Denny explains that wants to experience the Italian Market because “I would like to learn more about the food prepared by my ancestors, and I’d love to eat a great Italian sub.”

When asked if he would return to, Denny responded “I don’t have much money to travel as a student, so I’ll probably go more often when I’m older. Although I did like how the locals showed you around, it made the film feel more intimate and real.”

Sarah Freddie

Sarah Freddie is a UMass Amherst senior looking forward to teaching in Japan next year. Read her blog about travel articles and trends in travel.

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