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Markets of the World - Page Three

Photographs by David Kestenbaum

Seller of religious items


Varanasi (Benares), the holy city by the Ganges River, is said to be more than 4,000 years old. I took this photo while wandering around one of the many alleys.


Bird Market


Much of Jakarta is a modern, uninteresting city, but one area built on water with wooden walkways near the port had interesting markets.

Five-Day Market

Cheju Island
South Korea

Cheju City had a colorful market, mostly for food, every five days on the outskirts of town.  I taught English at the National University there for a year.  Cheju, south of the mainland, is a beautiful volcanic island with the highest peak in South Korea.  Koreans go to Cheju for their honeymoons.

Fish Market

South Korea

I’m not sure where I took this photo, but I think you can find a sight like this in any town in South Korea.  The country modernized very quickly, but it still has interesting, traditional markets.


Port Sudan

The only time I’ve been in Africa was when I crewed on a yacht from Bombay to Egypt. We stopped in Oman, where we had drinks on the Sultan’s yacht with the British captain, Djibouti, a former French colony, and Port Sudan, before arriving at the Suez Canal. I was supposed to go to Greece on the yacht, but at that point the captain kicked the crew, two Italians and me, off. That was fine with me because I had wanted to get off before that in Sudan and travel up the Nile to Egypt. But that’s another story.


Potato Seller

Port Sudan

Port Sudan was an interesting town. The people in the market had a different reaction to seeing their photos taken than I’ve found anywhere else. They waved me away but then posed. We befriended some Eritrean refugees who were in Sudan because they had left Ethiopia during the war at that time. They took us for a day to Suakin, the old port. On the bus we passed nomads living in tents. Suakin looked like something out of the Bible.
Unfortunately, all the photos I took there were completely overexposed.

David Kestenbaum David Kestenbaum is a world traveler and ESL teacher who lives in South Deerfield. His many photographs have been exhibited at GoNOMAD Cafe in South Deerfield, and numerous other locations in the US and Japan.

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