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Well-trained horsemen perform at the Festival of the Sahara in Tunisia. Photos by Sony Stark.
festival of the sahara

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The Festival of the Sahara: Galloping Stallions, Camel Wrestling and Rabbit Chases

Here in America, the circus keeps audiences at bay under big tents and atop tall grandstands. But in Tunisia, festivals encourage visitors to submerge themselves in the experience by staying close to the action.

Every December, two dusty towns in the inhospitable southern region of Tunisia, far from the Mediterranean Sea or the rainy hills of the northwest, share festivals dedicated to oasis life. Tozeur and Douz, about 65 miles apart, schedule festivals back-to-back to honor their ancient history of nomadic life, camel caravans and traditional music.
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Tunisia's El Ghriba Festival: A Journey of Understanding

The island of Djerba, floating off the southeast coast of Tunisia, is a popular destination for relaxing in a traditional hammam, grilling your body on a sandy beach or haggling over handmade Andalusian pottery.

Few realize that only a few miles away is one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world; some say it dates back 2,500 years to time of King Nebuchadnezzar.Read more

Hollywood's North African Mirage: Seeing Beyond "Casablanca"

Ksar Soltane
Ksar Soltane.

Whether creating the fictional planet of Tatooine for "Star Wars," the legendary dunes of "Lawrence of Arabia," a romantic adventure for "The English Patient," or a Roman coliseum for the recent blockbuster, "The Gladiator," the desert sands and colorful cities of North Africa have long been favorite locations for Hollywood's dreamweavers.

Perhaps it's the light--dry, clear and bright--that attracts filmmakers. Or maybe it's the varied landscape--moonlike wastelands, towering sand dunes, lush, palm-filled oases and snow-capped mountains--that creates any cinematic geography, real or imagined.Read more




Tunisia Will Seize Ya

Sidi Bou Bay view
Sidi Bou Bay view

Parts of Tunisia out-Greeks Greece and out-Romes Italy, white-washed houses trimmed in blue, cascading down to the translucent Mediterranean at Sidi Bou, practically a suburb of Tunis. Meanwhile the world’s best-preserved Roman ruins and mosaics pepper the country like polka-dots.

Plus the locals are friendly, secular Muslims better acquainted with form-fitting denim than the scarves called "odious rags" by the Tunisian President. Read more

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Stark. Click on image to return to Sony Stark's article about the Festival of the Sahara. Read more about Tunisia
Traditional Bedouin wedding procession at the Festival of the Sahara in Tunisia. Photo
A horse race at the Douz Festival in Tunisia- photo by Paul Shoul Click on photo to return
Photo by Hank Shapiro Tent-ative Pleasures in Tunisia: Pansea
A balancing act at the Festival of the Sahara in Tunisia. Photo by Sony Stark. Click
Well-trained horsemen perform at the Festival of the Sahara in Tunisia. Photo by Sony
A Help! Dentist! - photos by David Rich Tunisia Will Seize Ya By David Rich
Shoul's story about Tunisia
The dog and rabbit chase at the Festival of the Sahara in Tunisia. Photo by Sony Stark
the Sahara: Read more about Tunisia {showgsearch Tunisia}
Well-trained horsemen perform at the Festival of the Sahara in Tunisia. Photos by Sony Stark
A A GoNOMAD Photo Gallery Tunisia Will Seize Ya Photographs by David Rich
, Tunisia Text and photo by Kim Toolson If we were to believe our eyes, we were flying through space
-- Matmata, Tunisia By Kim Toolson Cool, gloomy and unearthly quiet, the cave I entered hardly fit
A horse race at the Douz Fest in Tunisia - photos by Paul Shoul. Click on photo to enlarge


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