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Shanghai's skyline
Shanghai's skyline

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Shanghai: On the Cutting Edge of China's Economic Miracle

Although not the traditional China of pagodas and pavilions, Shanghai conjures up all the mystery of the Far East. A past of colonial adventurers, shady ladies, and opium dens, it now has a shining future as Asia ’s major hub of economy and trade.

Many multinationals whose regional headquarters were in Hong Kong and Singapore have already relocated here... Read more

Kashgar, China: The Market at the Top of the World

We woke up early, at least by vacation standards, to make it to the Sunday Animal Market in Kashgar. Showered and more or less awake, our group of three (none of whom speak Chinese or Uighur) jumped into a taxi and managed to point to the right spot on the map, thankful for our multilingual maps.

As we exited the taxi and paid our driver, we walked into the busy market, where traders were buying and selling this week’s stock of cows, sheep, goats and horses... Read more

Watching the Chinese Watch the Westerners At the Funny Pointy Hills

Everything I'd heard about China was wrong beginning with the best place to see its most famous scenery: the funny pointy hills soaring a thousand feet over misty waterways.

A paradise actually exists where fishermen float on five bamboo poles lashed together impersonating a raft, spearing fish through cone-shaped nets, red lanterns reflecting off perfectly still waters... Read more

A market in Macau
A market in Macau

China: A Wonderful Family Destination

"Oh Mamma, are we really going to see Pandas?" asked my six-year-old son, Soham, goggle-eyed with excitement, as we discussed our vacation to China with our two children. For both our children, China was synonymous with cuddly Pandas and the Great Wall, and they couldn't wait to see both... Read more

Miraculous Macau: Modern and Mystifying

The name Macau brings to mind bygone days of pirates roaming the South China Sea, of a mysterious mix where East and West collided and the unfamiliar could be explored. Today Macau is still a place well worth spending time and is full of mixes, both modern and mystifying, with glimpses into the colonial past... Read more

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of University graduates, as China opens its doors and welcomes the arrival of foreigners in their bid
A Guizhou, China: Meeting the Miao and the Dong ByA Mitchell Blatt Ancient Chinese poets
. Village of Huangshan, China. photo by Janis Turk Click to return to the story.
Watch Travel Videos on GoNOMAD China Great Wall of China Watch more Beijing videos at
A TRAVELOGUE: Guiyang to Kunming, China by Road By David Winship Taylor Say China to most
Breakfast in Foshan, China Noodles. Dumplings. How about some Chicken Feet, too? The breakfast hall
Brewing Biluochun Tea Suzhou, China: A Tea Festival, Gardens and Amusement Parks By Eleanor Harte
, China: Finding my Own Lost Horizon By Janis Turk As I boarded the plane in Beijing, I had no idea
. Village of Huangshan, China. photo by Janis Turk Click to return to the story.
China Survival Guide: Taxis andA SubwaysA andA Tipping, Oh My! Larry Herzberg and Qin Herzberg
Kite flying in Tiananmen Square. Taming the Dragon: China With Children The GoNOMAD
. China: The Splendor of Anhui Province By Bill Pfeffer AWatch out for the water buffalo around
Fishing in Dalian, China Trading a gift of booze for a ride in the boat A fisherman on the boat
The Di Wang Building, an iconic skyscraper in Shenzhen, China. photos by Darian Gier Shenzhen
Kite flying in Tiananmen Square. Taming the Dragon: China With Children The GoNOMAD








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