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Setting out on a 450 mile bike trip through Ethiopia - photo by Matthew Kadey
bike trip through Ethiopia

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The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia's Ancient Heartland

The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are like nothing else on earth. Most remarkable are not the ones carved into the volcanic rock, but those chiselled completely away from it, leaving all four sides visible.

By far the most impressive one found in this category is the Church of Bet Giyorgis. Crafted with such immaculate detail, I linger for hours peering down at this marvel of human creativity dumbfounded at why it’s not surrounded by a mass of tourists instead of just me and a diminutive boy chomping at a piece of sugarcane.Read more

Eating and Drinking in Ethiopia

Injera is the staple food of Ethiopia. It's flat,
spongy, bread made from tef, a gluten-free grain found only in the African Horn. It serves as both plate and utensils, and is even shredded into some salads. It's the love-it-or-hate-it part of Ethiopian cuisine as its distinctive sourdough-like taste is not for everyone. Varying grades of tef make different grades of injera. Read more



The familiar cry "you, you, you, you," rings out each time you pass children in Ethiopia. Marie Javins photo.
Kenyans wait for food

Ethiopia's Historical Route: The Next Big Thing?

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. It's in Ethiopia too."

This occurred to me while I stared at Ethiopia's Tis Abay-- the Blue Nile Falls -- near Lake Tana's colorful monasteries and the Ethiopian source of the Nile. Most people think of pharaohs, pyramids, and feluccas when they think of the Nile, but the world's largest river starts in Uganda and Ethiopia then goes on to visit Sudan before reaching Egypt.Read more



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breakfast at campi ya kanzi

Ethiopian vegetables










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