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The summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Karanga Camp - photo by Derek Cunningham
summit of mt. kilimanjaro

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The Road to Lalibela: Cycling Ethiopia’s Ancient Heartland

The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are like nothing else on earth. Most remarkable are not the ones carved into the volcanic rock, but those chiselled completely away from it, leaving all four sides visible.

By far the most impressive one found in this category is the Church of Bet Giyorgis. Crafted with such immaculate detail, I linger for hours peering down at this marvel of human creativity dumbfounded at why it’s not surrounded by a mass of tourists instead of just me and a diminutive boy chomping at a piece of sugarcane.

Riding out of Addis Ababa, the world’s third highest capital, I’m totally stoked. Completing this route a year earlier, my Canadian cycling mate Scotty Robinson has promised me 450 miles of verdant views, epic climbs, screaming descents and cheap smooth beer in a region of Africa with virtually no tourist footprint. Read more

Pangani, On Tanzania's Coast: Hard to get to But Worth Finding!

Most of the ever growing number of visitors to Tanzania make a point (or are persuaded to make a point) of stopping off in the 'spice island' of Zanzibar before their East African safari comes to an end but few thus far seem to have been lured to the tranquil beach setting of the mainland, just across the Indian Ocean.

Admittedly, it is not terribly accessible as tourist destinations go, but that is part of the fun and it is most certainly well worth the effort for those who, like myself, generally seek out serenity in a real hide-away of tropical beauty and peace, rather than the hustle and bustle of the noisy and expensive tourist resorts. If relaxation and a haven to pursue your passion ... be it reading, writing or just being! ... is what you are after, this is definitely the direction to head. Read more

Beans, Bananas and Bills: Learning and Living in Tanzania

I never imagined that spending three weeks at the end of the earth, or the village of Kayanga in the Kagera region of rural Tanzania, would be the best experience I've ever had in my life.

Masai women in their village
masai women in their village

But it was.

Dirt roads. Limited electricity and water supply. No radio, television, movies, email, instant messaging, or cell phones. Beans, rice, potatoes and bananas twice a day every day.Read more


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Volunteers at the Amizade project in Tanzania. Beans, Bananas and Bills: Learning
about Tanzania on GoNOMAD The Road to Lalibela: Cycling EthiopiaAs Ancient Heartland The rock
The author with her students in a half-built classroom in the village of Bomang'ombe in Tanzania
A cheetah takes a drink in Kenya. photos by Shelley Seale. Kenya to Tanzania: A Safari Adventure
, from building a school in Tanzania, to working on an archeological dig in Israel. The book also
, from building a school in Tanzania, to working on an archeological dig in Israel. The book also
people live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania . With western influences afoot, they are moving
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Starter Destination Kenya and Tanzania, located in Eastern Africa
to Moshi, Tanzania, a small Tanzanian town in the shadow of Kilimanjaro, popular among trekkers. We
By Terry Harnwell Most of the ever growing number of visitors to Tanzania make
In the rolling hills of southwestern Kenya and northwestern Tanzania live the Kuria people. They make
Salaam, Tanzania. ALoans to poor people without any financial security had appeared
, the governments of Kenya and Tanzania, conservation NGOs (non-governmental organizations
Tanzania. With western influences afoot, they are moving towards a new way of life by developing

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